Sharks and getting illustration clients

Instead of competing with other illustrators for the same type of work, what if you were carving your own path by creating unique offerings – while profiting from lucrative new markets?

How to launch your art

Launching your art is nothing more than sharing your creative behind-the-scenes in a natural, storytelling way.

How to grow your art mailing list

Even if someone comes to your art website and loves you work – the chances of them coming back on their own is slim. Learn how to get interested people to sign up for your art mailing list.

Selling art nonessentials

It’s extremely easy to get overwhelmed when you try to sell your art online. These are the nonessentials you don’t have to worry about in your art business.

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Embracing Drawing Mistakes

When kids draw they could care a less about making mistakes. They just go for it and make hundreds of drawings.

But as we get older, we get more critical with our drawings. It’s why most people stop drawing all together – this mindset that things have to be perfect.

In this video I talk about why it’s okay to embrace drawing mistakes and how to handle them as you draw. Diving a little bit into the topic of using restatement lines to openly “correct” a drawing as you make it.

This way you feel more free to draw and explore when you sit down with your sketchbook.

Minimal Drawing Tools

The minimum drawing essential tools you need to start drawing.

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