Print on Demand

As an artist, print on demand products can be the perfect way to monetize your creativity. Print on demand is a better alternative to going the traditional route of buying …

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Beginning Your Art Business

The art marketing choices you make will be different depending if you’re just starting out, or if you’ve already built your art website and have already been growing your art business online for a few years.

5 Great artist website examples

Each artist has a different goals, business models, and ways of presenting their work. Hopefully these examples will inspire you as you run your own art website.

Sharks and getting illustration clients

Instead of competing with other illustrators for the same type of work, what if you were carving your own path by creating unique offerings – while profiting from lucrative new markets?

How to launch your art

Launching your art is nothing more than sharing your creative behind-the-scenes in a natural, storytelling way.

How to grow your art mailing list

Even if someone comes to your art website and loves you work – the chances of them coming back on their own is slim. Learn how to get interested people to sign up for your art mailing list.

Selling art nonessentials

It’s extremely easy to get overwhelmed when you try to sell your art online. These are the nonessentials you don’t have to worry about in your art business.