I'm Chris Wilson, an artist who translates my passion for wildlife and adventure into mixed media drawings.

Chris Wilson is a California-based artist in San Diego. My addiction to drawing and curiosity for travel has led me through rainforests in Central America, islands in Southeast Asia, and temples in Cambodia.

I'm inspired by jungles and oceans, things that have wings, creatures that glow in the dark, ancient myths, surfing, and going places you're not supposed to go.


While getting a BFA in Character Animation from the Disney founded college, CalArts, I began my career by working on illustration and animation projects for various studios, production companies, and brands. My first film, Volta, an experimental short filmed and animated in Los Angeles was nominated for a Princess Grace Award.

Apart from selling my originals and prints I license my work and create commissions with adventurous brands, organizations, and high-impact causes.  This has given me the chance to immerse myself into work I truly enjoy creating.


Working on commissioned projects and licensing partnerships is where I’ve grown the most.

I also use this site for exploring the origins of the ideals and inspirations that are the foundation of my own style – discussing them on this site. Sharing my influences and the things that inspire me.

Over the years I have collected a lot of amazing examples of an aesthetic inspired by jungles, islands, beaches, surf, travel and adventure. Which I will be posting choice specimens of on in my blog with my commentary.

Drawing is the most interesting when it passes through the filter of nature.

Art has the power to stimulate awareness and inspire positive change surrounding global environmental issues. I keep this in mind as I draw, paint, and photograph the beaches, oceans, and jungles around.

To view more of my work, please visit my portfolio.

A lot of the work you see here can also be purchased at my shop.

I’ve also teach entrepreneurship to talented and motivated artists here.

Interested in working together on a custom commission or licensing partnership? Get in touch here. 

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