I'm an artist based in San Diego, California.

For as long as I can remember, I've always had an urge to draw. Especially drawing wildlife. You know… animals, foliage, creatures with wings, and things that glow in the dark.

Often, I spend a month or two a year traveling around the world just to get wildlife reference photos for my art. My favorite experiences so far are seeing wild elephants Sri Lanka and wild tigers in India.

As a life long drawer and sketchbook adventurer, my passion for drawing has grown, from getting a BFA in Character Animation from the Disney founded college CalArts, to working on countless creative projects, to teaching artists how to draw.

I'm passionate about drawing in a spontaneous, mixed media way. This is why my work includes pencils, pens, markers, colored pencils, and watercolors.

Does it feel like its always a struggle to fill your sketchbooks?

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