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Hi, I’m Chris Wilson. I’m a professional illustrator. My work incorporates drawing, painting, collage, photography, and digital techniques.

Largely inspired by exploring this crazy world of ours, I’m often drawing, making short films, and snapping photos.

When I’m not traveling, my home base is San Diego, California where I live with my wife Nalena, punk cat Misha, and my cafe racer motorcycle that mostly works.


Chris Wilson is a professional illustrator.

He holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in traditional character animation from the Disney founded college, CalArts.

Since graduating in 2009 he has shared his ideas, experiences, and pages of his sketchbook online. Which, over the years has helped him become a full-time illustrator. From selling art online, working on commissions, licensing, and teaching over 2,000+ artists how to do the same in his courses.

Right now, his nose is probably in a sketchbook. Drawing everything from wildlife and nature to the female figure and things that have wings.

Every week, Chris shares his newest drawings, behind-the-scenes process videos, and insights to 20,000+ people on his email list.

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