Abstract Flower Sketches

Bic pens have always been a go to tool for me for sketching.

There is so much talk online about what the best types of pens to use are.

Honestly, the best pens are the one you enjoy using.

There’s no rule saying you have to use an expensive fountain pen with archival ink in order to make great drawings. Just use a pen that doesn’t hinder you from drawing.

Sharpies, Uniballs, and Bics…

There is a shoebox full of these cheap office supply pens in my studio. I love grabbing a handful of them before I leave to go somewhere to draw.

This abstract flower drawing was part of many other drawings I felt compelled to draw. Having fun exploring random shapes and textures while experimenting with lights and shadows.

Not having to look at a picture to draw was kind of the lure for making these. Sometimes I feel lost with knowing what to draw when I’m not working on an illustration commission. Keeping things loose and abstract is a great way to feed the drawing urge without worrying too much about the subject matter.

Here’s a couple of images of these drawings piling up on my drawing desk:

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