Adventure Drawing

James Bond, Indiana Jones, and Uncle Scrooge Adventure comics – they all influence my art.

Growing up, I occupied myself with these tales of adventure. I couldn’t help but imagine myself going on the same expeditions when I grew up.

But, I had no idea what route to take to make this fantasy a reality.

Do I join the CIA? Do I become a pilot? How about an international beer taster?

I realized I wanted to pick my own adventure. I didn’t want to be told where to go, or how many hours I have to work in an office.

The path I chose?

Running my own art business. Allowing myself to buy my own plane tickets and pick my own adventures.

With a passport in one hand, sketchbook in the other, my passion for exploring this world of ours has led me through rainforests in Costa Rica, islands in southeast Asia, to temples in Cambodia.

Along the way, I’ve become more in tune with the important roles nonprofits play.

Could this be a new mission behind my art practice?

Art has the ability to breakdown any cultural or linguistic boundaries. Could my art give these wildlife and environmental nonprofits a new kind of voice?

Elevating awareness of these wildlife issues through art makes my work so gratifying. I can say with confidence, I’m excited where my work is and for the new partnerships coming up in the future.

I’m anxious for the adventures that are hiding around the corner.

If this mythic jungle can benefit in any way from the artwork I create from it – then even better.

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