Art Launch Blueprint: Learn how to sell your art online

Do you hear the **chirp chirp** of crickets every time you try to sell your art online?

Your success as an artist shouldn't be in the hands of a social media algorithm.

So why is everyone telling you you need THOUSANDS of followers on social media before you can sell your art online.

In reality, social media is one of the biggest distractions preventing artists from pursuing their art as a business. Metrics like more followers and likes don't equal a successful art business. So why is it that artists often spend months and years trying to get traction on sites like Facebook and Instagram. You can't pay your bills with “likes”. Yet, most artists are overly concerned with their social media metrics.

Even if you do gain a large amount of followers, only 3-5% of them will ever see your new content. Leaving you with only the options of “paying to promote” your new posts.

Yet so many artists believe their success is based on how many followers they have on social media:

  • “If I just get 10,000 followers, it'll be easy to make sell my art.”
  • “If I post 3 times a day, eventually I'll grow my art business.”
  • “If I pay for a few ads, I'll double my audience size.”

This couldn't be further from the truth.

With social media, you're building your art business on a platform you're not in control of. At any time, they can change their algorithm. Which can negatively affect your art business overnight.

It's time to put social media on the back burner

It's time to start growing an audience in a place you're in control of.

After selling my art online for 15+ years, all of my art sales have happened in one place – my email newsletter.

I don't have a Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn account.

The most valuable asset in my art business isn't my studio, computer, video gear, or art supplies.

It's my email list.

Essentially, my email list is a list of emails of people who have visited my art website, liked my work, and submitted their email so they can learn more about my sketchbook drawings every week.

Now once a week I, I share my journey as an artist with my email list.

What's even more special about an email list is that I know 40-60% of my audience to see my new content. Much better than the 3-5% on social media right?

Simplify how you sell your art online

The key ingredient for selling your art online is your ability to establish familiarity with your audience.

Familiarity built by simply sharing your ongoing journey as an artist. Sharing things like your sketchbook pages, the progress of what you're working on, and other aspects about you and your work.

When you've established familiarity, making a predictable income from your art is as simple as inviting your email list to collect your work in a chill and confident way.

Why should you have to worry about getting THOUSANDS of followers on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram for years so you can have a thriving art business?

Especially when you can make art sales again and again with a small email list of fans.

Ready to start selling building your email list and start actually making predicable art sales.



Learn how to sell your art online WITHOUT social media.

Art Launch Blueprint is clear and actionable. When you’ve finished the 12 video lessons, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to sell your art online – and how to do it.

You’re getting over a decade worth of experience and hard-won lessons that have been chiseled down into grab-and-go lessons. I want you to have everything you need to grow your email list of people who are interested in your art.

Art Launch Blueprint is a course where I’ll show you how to put simple business systems in place so you can start selling your art online.

Finish the steps in each lesson and see the results.

Inside Art Launch Blueprint you'll learn…

  • How to completely eliminate social media as a marketing activity and what to do instead.
  • How to make your art website work for you 24/7, automatically.
  • How to create a flow of new visitors to your art website every day.
  • How to automate your art sales with simple email funnels, including what to say, suggested sending times, and send frequencies.
  • How I generate 500+ new art newsletter signups every month without using social media or paying for ads.
  • How to establish an authentic connection and familiarity with your art newsletter subscribers with your art newsletter.
  • How to double and triple your revenue with confident pricing strategies.
  • How to sell original art, prints, and book private commissions.
  • Access proven email frameworks and templates for inviting your email list to collect your art in a chill and confident way.
  • And much more…

Here's the exact list of lessons, so you can make sure Art Launch Blueprint  is right for you.

1 | Introduction
Discover the simple business systems for growing your audience and selling your art online.

2 | Path for selling art online
Avoid costly mistakes and time-consuming missteps as you set out to get your first art sales online.

3 | What you don't have to do
Understand what marketing activities work and which ones don't. Clear your mind from a storm of social media and all the art marketing tactics you don't need to worry about. Know what art marketing tasks to avoid and what will deliver the best results.

4 | Mindset
Making art sales online is more than building a website and waiting for people to come and buy your art. It's about creating a business with an artisanal approach.

5 | Your story
Attract a profitable audience who will be easy for you to connect with. Your story informs how you present your work, create content, and better understand who your audience is. Rather than have others fill in the blanks about you, wouldn’t you rather craft how others perceive you?

6 | Your website
Create a website that works for you 24/7. Learn the essential building blocks of a functional art website so you can easily grow your art business when you're out enjoying life.

7 | Your mailing list
Establish familiarity with your growing audience so you can successfully make art sales. Optimize how you grow your mailing list while connecting with them in a chill and confident way.

8 | Content strategy
Develop a simple schedule and strategy for building familiarity with your potential art collectors and supporters.

9 | Outreach
Maximize your art newsletter subscribers so you can generate an ongoing stream of visitors to your art website.

10 | Your art products
Double and triple your revenue with with confidence. Increase your revenue without having to do more work or put in additional hours creating more art.

11 | Inviting your audience to collect your art
Get proven email templates and strategies. Discover the art of writing emails that compel your audience to take action to collect your art in a natural, storytelling way. Use the same email frameworks and email templates to make art sales. Complete with email send timing and more.

12 | Beyond
Advanced art sales systems and automation to help you make art sales throughout the year with minimal effort.

How I've helped other artists with the Art Launch Blueprint program

“For the last 2 1/2 years, I have been working on trying to become a full-time artist. Last year I quit my day job and ventured out on my own to see if I could actually make it happen. 

Art Launch Blueprint and your emails have given me the confidence that I could actually do this. I am continually impressed by the genius of your advice and guidance. It is the most concise and relevant information I have found and I am so grateful I discovered your website. 

Essentially, I was getting ready to give up and go back to a corporate job, and then you laid it out so brilliantly how to sell my artwork online and make a living with my creative skills. 

am inspired to continue with a new perspective. For example, I went from selling work once a month to once a week, in a couple of months.”
Omaste Witkowski, Artist

“What made Chris’ approach different from the rest, as it was making sense to me. I would ask Chris an occasional question and his answers always felt genuine. So I signed up for Art Launch Blueprint. I’m doing the work, slowly getting the people to sign up for my newsletter. Taking my time and getting organized. For the first time, I feel like I’m on the right track.”
Shawn Wilken, Artist

“Wow. I've been an artist for many years, mostly paintings but also some drawings. I've had some gallery showings etc and have always worked like a dog to get the word out. 

Most of my sales have been through word of mouth and from people seeing my work in someone's living room.  

I've never had any defined strategy for my business but have been feeling like I needed one yesterday. 

For example, everything I read advises me to get onto social media. (I'm only on LinkedIn and don't do much with it). Then I read about your approach. Wow! 

I have to say thanks for putting it out there and the good of you for not charging the moon. Art Launch Blueprint is well worth the few hundred dollars – which is less than one painting sale.”
Michael Christidis, Artist

“I must say it is gold. Really jam-packed with information. I appreciate all the time and effort put into this. Really glad I got it. It's something as an artist been trying to do just didn't really find the ‘how's'. Now it's just a matter of putting in the work.”
Jose De Olio, Artist

“During my first art launch, I offered all the original paintings. I sold a dozen paintings and ended up with about $2,500 USD and probably could have sold more.”
Charlene Marsh, Artist

“This workshop has kinda changed my life. Before it, art was something I did but never bothered to sell (thinking ‘what’s the point, I won’t make any money’). Now, because you’ve altered my mindset about profiting from art – I have sold several works even before starting to launch. I have stories going in the UK national press about my work in the next few weeks. Seriously, it would never have happened without you. Thanks for making my life nicer!”
Boo Patterson, Artist

I followed your advice on starting a mailing list and it is really paying off. I just had a mini-comic printed and already had 46 orders in the last three days, many through my mailing list, and a web-zine maintainer asked if he can interview me. So :-)”
Ayal Pinkus, Artist


  • Who is this program for?
    Artists, but more specifically, people who are visual image-makers. People who want to sell their art online from their own website. Selling original art, limited edition prints, and private commissions. To clarify further: Artists who want to bypass the gallery system, avoid the storm of social media, and instead build their own audiences via an email list, and make online art sales in a chill and confident way.
  • Who is this program NOT for?
    This program requires a minimum of 3 hours of work a week. If you think building your art business will happen overnight, this program isn't for you.
  • How long do I have access?
    Once you purchase Art Launch Blueprint, you get immediate access to all the lessons, forever. Which means you can go through the lessons at your own pace.
  • How long is this program?
    Art Launch Blueprint is broken down into 12 lessons. Each lesson is 10–25 minutes long. To get the most out of the program you’ll do the work to set up the simple business systems you'll learn in the course. Which can take anywhere from few days to a few weeks. You will get out of the program what you put into it.

Are you ready to learn how to sell your art online without using social media?

Get lifetime access to Art Launch Blueprint. Once you enroll you'll gain immediate access to the online dashboard where you can watch the lessons anytime.


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