Do you hear the **chirp chirp** of crickets every time you try to sell your art online?

Simplify your art sales with effective email launch strategies

Even artists with THOUSANDS of followers can’t sell their art without the right launch plan

There's a prevailing belief in the art world that success hinges on external factors like being famous on social media, gallery representation, or hiring art agents.

Many artists are led to believe that thousands of followers on Instagram or Facebook, or getting their work into prestigious galleries, is the golden ticket to selling their art.

But here's the truth: even artists with thousands of followers struggle to sell their art without a proper launch plan.

Once, I attempted to sell a series of art prints I had stacked up on my desk. One night before bed, I sent an email to my newsletter subscribers. Simply announcing that the prints were for sale, expecting a flood of sales. The next morning, not a single print had sold.

The mistake?

I just announced, without building familiarity or anticipation for what I was inviting them to collect. 

Rethinking the art selling strategy

My initial attempt to sell art prints with a basic email blast was a learning curve, much like how a new movie in Hollywood wouldn't just suddenly appear in theaters without any build-up.

I realized that, similar to how Hollywood excites audiences with trailers and sneak peeks, I needed to create anticipation and familiarity for my art.

I shifted from random sales attempts to a strategy mirroring how movies are launched: consistently sharing my art and creative journey.

I started sending out weekly newsletters, gradually nurturing a bond with my audience, similar to how movie trailers gradually reveal a story.

Art sales happen on your newsletter

This approach, mirroring the anticipation-building of a Hollywood movie release, completely transformed my art sales.

Within a couple months of this consistent engagement, I saw a significant change. Regularly sharing my work allowed my audience to immerse themselves in my artistic process. This method wasn't just about selling; it was about creating a narrative.

It set the stage for a successful and impactful launch, where my audience was more than happy to engage when i invited them to collect my artwork.

Launch from nothing

My experiences have taught me the effectiveness of using email launch strategies that go beyond just announcing art for sale.

These strategies are about nurturing your audience, creating anticipation, and presenting your art in a manner that resonates deeply with potential collectors.

Starting from scratch can seem daunting, but the key lies in giving people a way to follow your journey, through an email art newsletter.

In my own experience, I started by sharing simple elements like sketchbook pages, accompanied by thoughts and inspirations.

This regular sharing is more than just updates; it's about forming a connection with your audience, allowing them to be part of your creative world.

Mastering the art of launching

When it comes to the actual launch, it's not just about what you write, but also the timing, frequency, and number of emails.

There's a science to this: the right combination of storytelling, natural progression, and strategic planning that makes an email launch effective. 

This approach turns the art of launching into an authentic, compelling narrative that captivates and inspires your audience to become collectors of your artwork.

So I created a guide to share these nuances – teaching you the optimal ways to structure your emails, the best times to send them, and how to craft your messages for maximum impact and engagement.


Art Launch Blueprint

Transform your art into profit with proven email launch strategies

Art Launch Blueprint comes in an easily digestible PDF format.

Within its pages, you'll find detailed, step-by-step strategies for growing your email list, along with actual launch email templates crafted for success.

This PDF guide encapsulates a decade's worth of my experience and insights, boiled down into concise lessons, templates, frameworks, and ready-to-use email strategies.

Read the guide this weekend and get started launching on Monday!

It's all about saving you time, effort, and expense in learning how to sell your art effectively.

No more wading through lengthy 50+ module video courses that takes you weeks to watch – Art Launch Blueprint offers a quick, yet comprehensive overview of highly effective art launch methods you can start applying right away. Read it this weekend and get started on Monday.

Art Launch Blueprint includes:

  • Comprehensive 90 Page PDF Guide: Dive into the easy-to-read PDF guide over the weekend, and you'll be ready to start implementing these effective launch strategies by Monday. This guide is designed for quick comprehension and immediate action.

In Art Launch Blueprint, you'll learn…

  • Use launches to help you sell your art 24/7: Learn how to set up an automated welcome launch sequence that actively sells your work around the clock, every day to new subscribers.
  • Grow a devoted subscriber base: Master best practices for developing an engaged and responsive mailing list, turning subscribers into avid fans.
  • Shift to a launch mindset for higher revenue: Transition from a waiting for people to buy from your online store to a dynamic launching strategy to maximize your art sales on a schedule.
  • Maximize revenue with fewer launches: Benefit from launching your art only four times a year, aligned with the seasons, to create anticipation, align with buying patterns, and maintain a sustainable, balanced approach to your art sales.
  • Understand the psychology behind successful launches: Discover why launching is a powerful and effective method to sell art online.
  • Convert fans to collectors in just 5 days: Utilize my proven 5-day launch sequence to guide your audience from intrigue to purchase, with precise timing and messaging.
  • Automate your art sales: Implement strategies to automate your art selling process online, making sales effortless and consistent.
  • Efficiently expand your email list: Establish a clear, effective process for growing your email list, the foundation of your art business.
  • Sell through storytelling: Employ proven launch strategies that sell your art through natural, engaging storytelling that is never salesy or annoying.
  • Build an art business you love: Gain the knowledge and tools to create a sustainable, fulfilling art business that continues to grow and evolve without burning you out.

The Hidden cost of the other options for selling your art

High-end art galleries: A premium option

One traditional route for artists is to showcase and sell their art through high-end galleries.

While this can offer prestige and exposure, it comes with a significant cost. Galleries typically take a substantial commission from each sale, often ranging from 40% to 60%. For a piece of art sold at $1,000, you could be paying $400 to $600 in gallery fees.

This doesn't include other potential costs like transportation, framing, and promotional expenses, which can further eat into your profits.

Hiring a professional art agent

Another option is to hire an art agent to sell your work.

These experts can provide valuable connections, but their services are not cheap. An art agent's fees can vary, but they typically charge around 20% to 30% commission on sales. For an artist making $10,000 in sales a year, this means $2,000 to $3,000 paid out in agent fees.

Plus, there's no guarantee of sales, meaning you might incur these costs without seeing a return.

Going the social media route

Its one thing to use social media, its another to rely on social media.

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook offer artists a way to showcase their work, but the journey is not as straightforward as it seems. Despite potentially building a large following, the harsh reality of social media algorithms means that only about 3-5% of your audience actually sees your posts.

This significant visibility gap leads to most of your followers never even getting the chance to view your art, let alone buy it.

Direct art sales made simple with
Art Launch Blueprint

Bypass the high commissions of galleries and the hefty fees of agents. 

Empower yourself to sell your art directly on your own website to your own audience. This isn't a sprawling 50+ module video courses that take weeks to watch and then some. No need to wade through hours of video. 

Art Launch Blueprint gives you immediate, actionable content. Start applying these strategies and email launch strategies right away and witness a transformation in your art sales. With this guide, you're not just learning; you're doing. Get ready to take control of your art sales, reaching your audience directly and efficiently. Your journey to smarter, faster art selling starts here.

It's streamlined and impactful, focusing on essential art launch tactics and the exact email launch scripts that have successfully sold my art and the art of hundreds of my students.

Here’s what students are saying

“I am continually impressed by the genius of  your advice and guidance. It is the most concise and relevant information I have found and I am so grateful I discovered your website. I was getting ready to give up and go back to a corporate job and then you laid it out so brilliantly how to sell my artwork online and make a living with my creative skills. I am inspired to continue with a new perspective. I went from selling work once a month to once a week, in a couple of months.
Omaste W.

“Everything I’ve read advises me to get onto social media (I’m only on LinkedIn and don’t do much with it) and I’ve been researching this for a many months now. Then I read about your approach. Wow. I have to say thanks for putting it out there and good of you for not charging the moon – this is well worth the few hundred dollars – which is less than one painting sale.
Michael C.

“I must say it is gold. Really jam packed with information. Appreciate all the time and effort put into this. Really glad I got it. It’s something as an artist been trying to do just didn’t really find the ‘how’s’. Now its just matter of putting in the work.
Jose O.

“I followed your advice on starting a mailing list and it is really paying off. Just had a mini-comic printed and already had 46 orders in the last three days, many through my mailing list, and a web-zine maintainer asked if he can interview me. So 🙂
Ayal P.

“I had my third online, fine art launch for original paintings in December and it gets a little better every year.  $4400 so far this year with a sale of $2300 leading the way.  But I have other random sales from my website as well.”
Charlene M.

“What made Chris’ approach different from the rest, was it was making sense to me. I would ask Chris an occasional question and his answers always felt genuine. So I signed up for the program. I’m doing the work, slowly getting the people to sign up to my newsletter. Taking my time and getting organized. For the first time I feel like I’m on the right track.
Shawn W.

“I have to say, this course has kinda changed my life. Before it, art was something I did, but never bothered to sell (thinking ‘what’s the point, I won’t make any money’). Now, because you’ve altered my mindset about profiting from art – I have sold several works even before starting to launch. I have stories going in the UK national press about my work in the next few weeks. Seriously, it would never have happened without you. Thanks for making my life nicer!”
Boo P.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to see results from implementing these strategies?

Results can vary based on different factors, including how you apply the strategies and the nature of your art market. However, many users start seeing positive changes in their engagement and sales within a few weeks of consistently applying the methods.

Do I need any technical skills to implement these strategies?

The guide is designed for artists of all technical skill levels. The strategies and tools are explained in a straightforward manner, making them accessible even if you're not tech-savvy.

How is this different from other art marketing courses?

Art Launch Blueprint focuses specifically on email launch strategies, offering a unique approach compared to general art marketing courses. It provides actionable, step-by-step guidance tailored to artists looking to enhance their online presence and sales.

Can I use the strategies in Art Launch Blueprint for any type of art?

Yes, the strategies in Art Launch Blueprint are versatile and can be adapted to any art style or medium. Whether you’re a painter, photographer, sculptor, or digital artist, these tactics can be tailored to fit your unique art and audience. The only exception is political art, as the strategies in this guide are not tailored for the unique dynamics and sensitivities associated with political themes.

Yes, I want to start launching my art online

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