Art Launch Blueprint

Do you hear the *chirp chirp* of crickets every time you try to sell your art online?

And no, you don’t have to be famous on social media to sell your art online

Have you ever said to yourself…

“I feel intimidated by the thousands of artists out there, how am I going to get noticed?”

“I know my art is good, I get compliments all the time, but I just can’t get anyone to actually BUY my art.”

“I’m not into social media and feel overwhelmed when trying to figure out where to put my art online.”

Wake up in the morning knowing how to sell your art online

Imagine it’s a Monday morning…

You get up, eat some breakfast, then casually check your phone.

What’s this?

You have a handful of payment notifications – you sold 7 fine art prints during the night.

You continue on with your morning routine and before it’s even noon, you get another payment notification. This time it’s for a much more expensive original.

The email newsletters you’ve been sending out once a week are working. By sharing your sketchbook and creative process you’re connecting with your audience.

More importantly, the newsletters are making real art sales happen for you – automatically.

This is what selling your art online looks like.

Long gone are the days where you need the approval of a gallery or need THOUSANDS of social media followers in order to sell your art online.

Email is the single most effective way to sell your art online

If you want to sell your art online, you need to grow an audience where it matters the most – your email list.

When you put all your focus on growing an audience in places like Facebook or Instagram, you don’t actually own your audience.

Typically, when you share new content on a social media platform only 3-5% of your followers will see it.

However, on your email list you can expect 40-60% of your subscribers to see your new content.

On your email list, you own your audience – no one can change the rules on you or make you pay to “boost” your content.

Even artists with THOUSANDS of followers can’t sell their art without the right launch plan

A while back when I was in my first year of selling my art online I had about 1,500+ email subscribers on my art newsletter. One night I thought it would be simple to sell a stack of art prints I had in my studio.

So that night, before I went to bed, I sent an email to my art newsletter subscribers announcing the print was for sale. Expecting to wake up to a bunch of payment notification emails in the morning.

I didn’t sell a single print…

Why? Because I just “announced” the print was for sell. I didn’t take the time to share my creative process of making the drawing. I didn’t show or share the behind-the-scenes to build-up to the moment I invited everyone to collect the print.

A few months later I developed a weekly schedule of sending a newsletter to my audience. Making sure to never miss a week. Sharing my sketchbook drawings and other art related things I was working on.

I knew I wanted to try to sell another art print again. So I started mentioning it to my newsletter subscribers. I started involving them in my process by asking them which drawings I should turn into a print. Sharing everything so when it came time to actually invite everyone to collect the print

When it finally came time to launch the new art print it sold out.

Simply growing an email list of fans, sharing your creative process, then inviting them to collect your work in a natural, storytelling way.

Launch from nothing

Even if you have ZERO people on your email list you can still launch your art. The act of launching simultaneously grows your audience as you make art sales. Launching is something other people can share with their audiences.

Just the act of launching and giving people a way to follow along on your email list — will make it substantially easier to build an audience.

By using landing pages and blog posts to build an email list—and keeping your email list subscribers interested — you can generate art sales during a launch in no time.

Automate your art sales

Your art website should be working for you 24/7. Making art sales silently in the background.

By automating how you generate traffic to your website and using automated email sales funnels you can easily create a reliable source of revenue from selling your art online.

With the right audience, a solid launch plan, a little discipline, and a lot of effort, you can sell your art online.

Ready to learn how?



Helping artists put business systems into place so you can spend more time being creative and making great art.

Art Launch Blueprint is clear and actionable. When you’ve finished the 15 lessons, you’ll know exactly what you need to do – and how to do it. 

Once you enroll in Art Launch Blueprint, you’ll have lifetime access to the online dashboard. Where you’ll get step-by-step strategies for growing your email list and a repeatable process to help you make art sales – in an automatic way.

Define your niche so you know who your unique audience is and where to find them

Set up a clear process for growing your email list

Use proven launch strategies to make art sales in a natural, storytelling way

Automate your sales with proven email sales funnels

Build a long-lasting art business you don’t end up hating

You’re getting a decades worth of experience and hard-won lessons that have been chiseled down into grab-and-go lessons, templates, frameworks and ready-to-use email sales funnels. Saving you time, effort, energy, and expense.

I want you to have everything you need to connect with an audience of people who are aligned with you and your art.

As an artist, your marketing skills are the only thing standing between you and your professional goals.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Establish an artisanal mindset so others won’t compare your work to others
  • Define your story so others perceive you and your work how you want
  • Understand valuable insights about where your audience is online
  • Create a profitable art website that works for you 24/7
  • The best practices for growing an engaged mailing list
  • How to create a compelling lead magnets for your website visitors to sign up for your mailing list
  • Use guest posting to write on highly visited blogs to grow your audience
  • Break the ice with growing your mailing list by getting your first 50 subscribers
  • How to get 1,000 subscribers and beyond by getting featured and interviewed
  • The art of launching: Generate revenue from your art by shifting from a “selling” frame of mind to a “launching” mindset
  • The psychology of why launching is the best way to sell your art online
  • Take your audience from fan to collector in 5 days.
  • How to automate your art sales online
  • Creating viral loops of sharing to simultaneously grow your audience as you make art sales
  • How to partner with others during a launch to double your audience growth and sales
  • Why you shouldn’t let what other artists are charging determine your prices
  • Psychology and pricing

Art Launch Blueprint is an active course where I’ll show you how to put simple business systems in place to help you make art sales online. Do these and you’ll quickly see how rapidly you can grow your art sales online.

Plus, lifetime access to Art Launch Blueprint. Revisit any module and video you want to improve or get a boost.

Here’s what students are saying:

“For the last 2 1/2 years I have been working on trying to become a full time artist. Last year I quit my day job and ventured out on my own to see if I could actually make it happen. Your workshop and emails have given me the confidence that I could actually do this. I am continually impressed by the genius of  your advice and guidance. It is the most concise and relevant information I have found and I am so grateful I discovered your website. I was getting ready to give up and go back to a corporate job and then you laid it out so brilliantly how to sell my artwork online and make a living with my creative skills. I am inspired to continue with a new perspective. I went from selling work once a month to once a week, in a couple of months.”
Omaste Witkowski, Artist

“What made Chris’ approach different from the rest, was it was making sense to me. I would ask Chris an occasional question and his answers always felt genuine. So I signed up for Art Launch Blueprint. I’m doing the work, slowly getting the people to sign up to my newsletter. Taking my time and getting organized. For the first time I feel like I’m on the right track.”
Shawn Wilken, Artist

“Wow. I’ve been an artist for many years, mostly paintings but also some drawings. I’ve had some gallery showings etc and have always worked like a dog to get the word out.  Most of my sales have been through word of mouth and from people seeing my work in someone’s living room.  I’ve never had any defined strategy for my business but have been feeling like I needed one yesterday… Everything I’ve read advises me to get onto social media (I’m only on LinkedIn and don’t do much with it) and I’ve been researching this for a many months now. Then I read about your approach. Wow. I have to say thanks for putting it out there and good of you for not charging the moon – Art Launch Blueprint is well worth the few hundred dollars – which is less than one painting sale.”
Michael Christidis, Artist

“I must say it is gold. Really jam packed with information. Appreciate all the time and effort put into this. Really glad I got it. It’s something as an artist been trying to do just didn’t really find the ‘how’s’. Now it’s just matter of putting in the work.”
Jose De Olio, Artist

“I followed your advice on starting a mailing list and it is really paying off. Just had a mini-comic printed and already had 46 orders in the last three days, many through my mailing list, and a web-zine maintainer asked if he can interview me. So :-)”
Ayal Pinkus, Artist

“During my first art launch I offered all original paintings. I sold a dozen paintings and ended up with about $2,500 USD and probably could have sold more.”
Charlene Marsh, Artist

“I have to say, this workshop has kinda changed my life. Before it, art was something I did, but never bothered to sell (thinking ‘what’s the point, I won’t make any money’). Now, because you’ve altered my mindset about profiting from art – I have sold several works even before starting to launch. I have stories going in the UK national press about my work in the next few weeks. Seriously, it would never have happened without you. Thanks for making my life nicer!”
Boo Patterson, Artist

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