How to grow your art mailing list

The best way to start getting traffic to your art website is by getting featured, interviewed, and doing guest posts.

More advanced strategies like SEO, social media, and paid advertising are best saved for later on in your art business. (After you have a better understanding of your sales numbers, offers, and funnel performance.)

Let’s talk about the second of the three things you need for selling your art online – Thing #2: Conversions (visitors to your art website signing up for your email list)

Let’s get started…

If you have to understand anything about selling your art online, it’s this:

Even if someone comes to your art website and LOVES you work – the chances of them coming back on their own is SLIM.

This has nothing to do with you or your art, it’s just how people behave online.

The best way to get people to stay in the know about you and your work is with your email list. In order to grow your email list, you need to convert your email

The reason you want people to signup for your email list and not follow you on social media is because only 3-5% of your social media followers will ever see your new content. On your email list 40-50% of your followers will see your new content.

So how do you get visitors to your website to actually sign up for your email list?

With what’s called a lead magnet.

Your lead magnet is a compelling reason for website visitors to signup for your mailing list.

A lead magnet is something you offer for free to compel the visitors to your art website to sign up for your email art newsletter.

Understand that asking and getting a stranger’s email address is a transaction.

You have to offer something of interest in return for their email address. Preferably something related to you and your art.

If what you offer is something people want and it seems to be worth going through the hassle (typing the email address, worrying about spam, etc…), you’ll gain a new email address to your art newsletter.

The speed of growing your art newsletter subscribers depends on a combination of your traffic to your art website and your lead magnet.

Downloadable PDFs are great lead magnets because they’re as tangible as you can get in the digital world.

TIP #1: Make sure you create a visual representation of your lead magnet. Such as a simple book cover or a preview of the video like I have above. Remember, you’re putting in the hard work of getting traffic to your art website. It’s important to make sure your lead magnet is compelling enough get visitors to your art website to signup for your email list.

TIP #2: Make your lead magnet only interesting to your ideal collectors. You don’t want your lead magnet to be attractive to everyone (like a free iPad, etc…).

Lead quality is very important and you only want to focus on your target audience. Which is people interested in you and your work.

Making a lead magnet that’s ultra-specific and aligned with what you’re ultimately selling (your art) is the best way to grow a highly engaged audience. An audience who will be likely to collect your work when you decide to invite them to collect your art during your first art launch.

Sell your art online

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