Best places to sell art online

To identify the best places to sell art online for artists, I used advanced SEO tools, uncovering each platform's monthly traffic, main countries searchers are from, and key search terms.

Starting on these platforms can propel your journey by connecting you with their established audiences. However, building your own website should be your end goal. It allows for direct interaction with collectors and gives you full control over your brand and sales, positioning you more prominently in the art market.

Key Points

  1. Varied traffic and global reach: Analysis using SEO tools reveals a wide range of monthly traffic across art-selling platforms, with Etsy leading significantly at 378,800,000 visitors, and Art Storefronts and at the lower end with 18,000 visitors each. This variance underscores the importance of choosing platforms with substantial reach to increase visibility.
  2. Focus on strategic keywords for visibility: The top keywords driving traffic to these sites, such as “oil paintings” for Artfinder and “metal posters” for Displate, highlight the value of targeting specific niches or mediums. Artists should consider these trends when listing their work to align with what potential buyers are searching for.
  3. The advantage of direct selling through personal websites: Despite the high competition and visibility challenges on crowded marketplaces, having a personal website remains crucial for artists aiming for long-term success and brand control. Transitioning collectors from platforms with high traffic, like Etsy and Fine Art America, to personal websites can enhance direct engagement and sales autonomy, with newsletters playing a key role in maintaining collector relationships.

Overview of the top places for selling art online

Each of these platforms has its unique advantages and challenges, so it's important to choose the one that aligns best with your art style, goals, and business model.

Website Monthly Organic Search Traffic Countries Keywords Fees
Artfinder 800,000 United States, United Kingdom oil paintings Free up to 30 artworks
ArtPal 207,000 United States, India Sara Highlands, John Hinkley Free
Art Storefronts 18,000 United States art storefronts $1000-$2800 setup fee + ~$50/month
Artsper 600,000 France, United States, Germany drawing artworks, sculpture, street paintings, steel sculptures $42/month
Displate 1,200,000 United States, United Kingdom cats and gaming, trading poster, metal posters 50% of each sale
Etsy 378,800,000 Global breitling art, coin for coin toss, google charms Listing fees, 6.5% transaction fees, plus other fees
Fine Art America 8,100,000 United States, India breitling art, watercolour paintings, paintings artwork Free or $30/year premium
Jose Art Gallery 113,000 Ukraine, United States paintings of interior, surrealistic paintings, symbolic drawings 35% of each sale 18,000 Netherlands, United States, Belgium famous painters, dutch designers, Michelangelo sculptures, historical photos Free up to 5 artworks
Saatchi Art 1,900,000 United States, India, United Kingdom abstract artworks, art painting portrait 35-40% commission
Singulart 1,100,000 United States, Germany, United Kingdom painting, artist from renaissance, expressionistic painters, artwork from japan, famous artists 30-50% of each sale


Artfinder connects artists with a global community, focusing on original paintings, prints, and sculptures. Over half of their website visitors are from the United States and about 125,000 of their visitors coming from the United Kingdom.

Fees: Free up to 30 artworks

Top keywords driving traffic to this site are: oil paintings.

Monthly traffic: 800,000


  • Focus on original art
  • Supportive artist community
  • Visibility through artist features


  • Juried selection process
  • Commission on sales


ArtPal offers a free gallery space for artists to sell original art, prints, and utilize their Print-on-Demand service. A majority of their visitors are from the United States and about 15,000 visitors from India. Read my ArtPal review here.

Fees: Free

Top keywords driving traffic to this site are: Sara Highlands and John Hinkley.

Monthly Traffic: 207,000


  • Commission-free selling
  • Global audience reach
  • Unlimited listing space


  • High competition may make it hard for new artists to stand out

Art Storefronts

Art Storefronts provides a comprehensive solution for artists to create their own website and sell original work and prints. Most website visitors are from the United States.

A lot of their visitors are searching for keywords related to their brand, art storefronts. Which leads me to believe most of their marketing is going towards getting artists to sign up for their platform and not art buyers searching to buy specific types of art. Which is common in a lot of Pay-On-Demand (POD) websites or platforms that charge the artists.

Fees: The initial setup fee ranges from $1000-$2800 USD and then around $50.00 / Month

Monthly Traffic: 18,000


  • Full control over the sale process
  • Extensive educational resources
  • POD solution included


  • Requires more setup and management time
  • Initial costs can be higher


Artsper focuses exclusively on professional galleries, offering high-quality artworks to collectors. Most of their website traffic comes from France. Second is United states. Third most visitors from Germany.

Fees: $42 USD per month

Top keywords driving traffic to this site are: drawing artworks, sculpture, street paintings, and steels sculptures.

Monthly Traffic: 600,000


  • High-quality, professional level of art
  • Focused on galleries


  • Artists cannot directly apply; must be part of a gallery


Displate specializes in unique metal posters, offering artists a distinctive medium for their work. A majority of their website traffic is from the United States, with about 80,000 visitors from the United Kingdom.

Fees: 50% of each artwork sold

Top keywords driving traffic to this site are: cats and gaming, trading poster, and then many variations of metal posters.

Monthly traffic: 1,200,000


  • Unique product offering (metal prints)
  • No upfront costs
  • Artist commission on sales


  • Limited to one medium, which may not suit all artists' work


Etsy is a global online marketplace where people come together to make, sell, buy, and collect unique items. It's particularly known for handmade goods, vintage items, and art supplies, making it an ideal platform for artists looking to sell their creations to a broad audience.

Most of their visitors are searching for breitling art, coin for coin toss, and google charms. I did a further deep dive into the keyword terms and the only trend I saw beneficial for artists is making holiday themed works. Etsy seems to be great at getting traffic during trending holidays.

Fees: Artists on Etsy are subject to several fees, including a $0.20 listing fee per item, a 6.5% transaction fee on the sale price plus shipping and gift wrapping, and additional fees for using Etsy's advertising services. Etsy also offers an Etsy Plus subscription at $10 per month, providing extra features and credits for listings and ads, and artists may incur payment processing fees, subscription fees for enhanced shop tools, and regulatory operating fees depending on their sales and location.

Monthly traffic: 378,800,000


  • Wide Audience: Etsy has a massive, global user base, providing extensive visibility for artists.
  • Community Support: The platform fosters a strong sense of community among sellers and buyers, offering various forums and teams for support and advice.
  • Ease of Use: Setting up a shop on Etsy is straightforward, making it accessible even for those with limited technical skills.


  • Competition: Due to its popularity, Etsy features a high level of competition, with many artists and creators selling similar items.
  • Fees: Etsy charges listing fees, transaction fees, and payment processing fees, which can add up over time.
  • Market Saturation: Finding a niche on Etsy can be challenging due to the saturation of certain art and craft categories.

Fine Art America

Fine Art America is one of the largest online marketplaces for artists to sell prints and originals. Most of the traffic is from the United States with about 600,000 visitors from India.

Fees: Free with the option of a paid $30 USD per year premium option

Top keywords driving traffic to this site are: breitling art, watercolour paintings, and paintings artwork.

Monthly traffic: 8,100,000


  • Extensive product range for art prints
  • Robust marketing tools
  • Large audience


  • Platform takes a commission on sales
  • High number of artists can make visibility challenging

Jose Art Gallery

Jose Art Gallery offers a platform for both individual artists and galleries, reaching audiences including in Chinese and Russian markets. Most of there traffic comes from the Ukraine and about 19,000 visitors from the United States.

Fees: 35% of each artwork sold

Top keywords driving traffic to this site are: paintings of interior, surrealistic paintings, symbolic drawings.

Monthly traffic: 113,000


  • Broad audience including international markets
  • Supports both artists and galleries


  • May have language barriers or require specific marketing strategies for different regions, based in the Netherlands, is known for its beautiful selection and easy setup, offering direct communication between artists and art lovers. Most of their traffic is coming from the Netherlands, then half as much traffic from the United States, and the least amount from Belgium.

Fees: Free up to 5 artworks

Top keywords driving traffic to this site are: famous painters, dutch designers, Michelangelo sculptures, and historical photos.

Monthly traffic: 18,000


  • Low monthly fees
  • Direct artist-buyer communication
  • Artist promotion


  • Monthly fee regardless of sales, potentially limiting for artists on a budget

Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art is one of the world's largest online art galleries, offering a vast selection of high-quality original art and prints. About 700,000 visitors are coming from the United States. 200,000 from India. The remaining visitors are mostly from the United Kingdom.

Fees: 40% of each open edition sale. 35% of original art sales.

Top keywords driving traffic to this site are: abstract artworks and art painting portrait.

Monthly traffic: 1,900,000


  • Large audience reach
  • Professional curation
  • Opportunities for featured exposure


  • Competition due to the high number of artists
  • Commission fees


Singulart offers a curated selection of artworks from emerging and established artists worldwide. About half of Singulart's visitors are from the United States. the second majority of visitors are from Germany, and the remaining are mostly from the United Kingdom.

Fees: 30-50% of each artwork sold

Top keywords driving traffic to this site are: painting, artist from renaissance, expressionistic painters, artwork from japan, and famous artists.

Monthly traffic: 1,100,000


  • High-quality, curated art selection
  • Support from Singulart team
  • Global reach


  • Competitive and curated, making it harder for new artists to get accepted

Your art website is the best place to sell your art online

Having your own website is the pinnacle of selling art online.

It puts you in the driver's seat, allowing you to build your brand and engage directly with your collectors. Utilizing art newsletters, you can forge deeper connections and foster familiarity with potential buyers. While it's true that attracting traffic and sales directly to a new website can be challenging, leveraging established platforms provides you with initial exposure and sales opportunities.

Think of these platforms as stepping stones, with your sights set on eventually guiding collectors to your personal website—a space where you command full control over your art business.