Color Drawing Pencils

Discover some of the best color drawing pencils for artists who sketch, a lot

These professional-grade color drawing pencils will help you take your artwork to the next level. Made with high-quality pigments, these two sets are sure to deliver the consistency and quality you require.

If you're a casual sketchbook drawer or an established artist, these pencils won't get in the way of you making great drawings.

I'm recommending two sets because one reacts to water and the other doesn't. This is important as we all have different drawing processes. Sometimes we want a mixed media look and sometimes we don't. So depending on how you draw, read on to see which color drawing pencil set is right for you.

Both of these sets are in my studio as I always have a different mood when I draw. Sometimes I want a mixed media to look so I grab some Derwent watercolor drawing pencils. Other times I know I want a more dry, classic look. So I'll draw with the Prismacolor drawing pencils.

Here are the two different kinds of color drawing pencils that I recommend.

1. Derwent Artist Watercolor Color Drawing Pencils

Derwent watercolor color drawing pencils set

The Derwent color drawing pencils feature the control of a pencil and the vibrancy of the watercolor.

You can brush with water to create a nice watercolor texture and blending. I mostly carry these when I'm working on a new wildlife drawing. As it's easier to draw on location without a watercolor set.

These can be used wet or dry. This allows you to draw dry and simply add water with a brush to create a watercolor paint look. I really think watercolor pencils produce a more interesting watercolor look than using just watercolors.

This set contains 72 color drawing pencils inside a resented in a nice wooden box. Although, I mostly carry three to five pencils in my drawing kit at a time.

2. Prismacolor Artist Set of Color Drawing Pencils

Prismacolor color drawing pencils set

These are premium color drawing pencils. The 150 artist-quality colored pencils reside inside a sturdy storage case. Which folds open to display the pencils while you're using them.

These color drawing pencils have a soft and thick core. The thick cores of color last a long time. While the soft leads make them ideal for blending and shading.

I recommend these if you don't have any desire to create a mixed media look. These have a wax base which makes them unaffected by water. Really great pencils to showoff your line drawing.

Final thoughts on color drawing pencils

If you're not sure which color pencils to get, I recommend getting a smaller set of each to start. Sometimes, in your local art store, you can buy these color drawing pencils individually. This is probably the best option if you're still figuring out which brand is right for you.

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