How to get your website visitors to join your email list

Today we’re going to talk about getting visitors to your website to actually sign-up for your email list.

Which involves using what’s called – a lead magnet

A lead magnet is something you offer for free to compel the visitors to your art website to sign up for your email list.

Understand that asking and getting a stranger’s email address is a transaction.

You have to offer something of interest in return for their email address. Preferably something related to you and your art.

If what you offer is something people want and it seems to be worth going through the hassle (typing the email address, worrying about spam, etc…), you’ll gain a new email address to your art newsletter.

The speed of growing your email list subscribers depends on your lead magnet.

Yes, the look, location on your site, and usability of the email optin form all matter – but the actual lead magnet itself is what ultimately gets people to sign-up for your art newsletter.

The higher perceived value of this, the more email subscribers you’ll get.

Why should you create a lead magnet?

Even if someone comes to your website for the first time and LOVES your work. The chances of them ever coming back on their own is SLIM.

This has nothing to do with you or your art. It’s just how people behave online.

People have to be reminded and stay in the loop about you and your art. The most effective way for staying on the radar of your interested fans is with your email list.

Even if someone follows you on social media, the chances of them seeing your new content and updates is low. On social media you can expect 3-5% of your followers to see your new content.

On your email art newsletter, you can expect 40–60%+ of your subscribers to see your new content.

It takes time to build trust, instill confidence, and build a relationship with your fans before they decide to buy. Engaging with your mailing list establishes a relationship. A relationship based on consistent content about your journey as an artist.

This is the long game of sharing your ongoing creative story.

Having an attractive lead magnet will dramatically accelerate your email list building.

Here’s my best performing lead magnet so far:

I’m offering a simple two minute video of me drawing a raven. That’s it. As soon as someone signs up, they’re taken to a simple thank you page on my website with the video.

If you’re just starting out, your could also create a 12-21 page downloadable PDF art book of your art.

This doesn’t have to be anything epic. Just a written intro, bio, and single image on each page will work. You can easily create this for free using Google Docs.

Downloadable PDFs are great lead magnets because they’re as tangible as you can get in the digital world. They’re a digital “thing” or “item”.

Other ideas could include a PDF of any of the following:

  • Who and what inspires you.
  • 3 of your most interesting blog posts (with images)
  • An illustrated story or comic (if this aligns to your work)

Creating a compelling lead magnet will be worth your initial investment of time in the long run if it means growing an audience of fans.

Remember, you’re putting in the hard work of getting traffic to your art website by doing the following three things:

  1. Getting featured on a relevant blog, website, or online publication.
  2. Getting interviewed
  3. Guest posting

So you want to make sure your lead magnet is interesting, compelling, and most importantly – related to your art.

You don’t want your lead magnet to be attractive to everyone, just your ideal collectors.

Sure, you could give away free iPads all you want, but how many of the people interested in those would be interested in actually buying your art later? Lead quality is very important and you only want to focus on your target audience.

Making a lead magnet that’s ultra-specific and aligned with what you’re ultimately selling (your art) is the best way to grow a highly engaged audience for your art business

Action item

  • Get creative and spend the day creating a lead magnet as an incentive for your website visitors to join your email list.
  • Send me a link to your lead magnet when you’re done.