Crocodiles in Costa Rica

Nature and wildlife have been a muse of mine since I can remember. I’ve always been intrigued by animals and nature. Costa Rica was a perfect dose of this for me.

Which is why most of my drawings are of animals

I started my Costa Rica adventure near the Nicaraguan border on the northwest Pacific coast in hopes of adventuring up to San Juan del Sur. But it was so dry. Dry as in, no greenery that I made a change of plans.

I had my heart set on seeing the rainforest anyways, so we changed out plans and rented a 4X4 Jeep to head south to Manuel Antonio. Home of an awesome rainforest nature reserve.

I was especially excited about heading south into deeper rainforest territory because there are more Macaws down there. I’ve been wanting to see Macaws in the wild for so long.

On our way down, we stopped at a bridge over the Tarcoles river.

I took this photo from a highway bridge above Tarcoles river. They’re enormous and even make eye contact with you in hopes that you’ll throw food their way (or fall in).

It’s also a little eerie looking down from this bridge because there are cars flying by you at high speeds and only a 24 inch tall barrier between you and the water.

Unfortunately, two weeks prior, two men from Nicaragua – unfamiliar with the area decided to go for a swim at night after having a few drinks.

Only one made it out.

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