Drawing Basics

An absolute beginner’s guide to drawing.

Inside Drawing Basics you’ll learn step-by-step how to stretch way beyond what you think you can achieve with your drawings.

  • Learn to see shadow shapes to achieve the focus and effect you want. Without getting hung up about the realism of the sketch.
  • Start working in a looser way without being afraid to try different tools and techniques.
  • Develop your signature way of drawing without fear of “doing it wrong”.
  • Embrace the mistakes of drawing without the restrictions of drawing in a structured and detailed way.

The goal of Drawing Basics is to show you how to draw anything with more confidence – while helping you grow your own natural, drawing style. Yes, even if you’re just starting.

Crushing the most common myths about drawing

Most people get discouraged from drawing early on because of these myths.

Myth 1: You have to be born with an artistic talent. 

Probably the most common myth about drawing is that it’s some magical talent you’re born with.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Growing your drawing skills only requires the interest and desire to learn how to draw. That’s it!

Drawing is a learnable skill.

Myth 2: Drawings have to be photorealistic

Your drawings don’t need to look like a photo replica of whatever it is you’re drawing. The medium of drawing needs to be embraced for what it is. Interpreting what you see onto paper in your own, natural way. This means your lines will be expressive, there will be smudges and imperfections. Which is what makes drawing such a unique medium.

Myth 3: “I don’t have time to learn how to draw!”

What makes drawing so much fun is the spontaneity of it. With just a few minutes of drawing here and there throughout the day, you’ll improve your drawing.

A new way of starting to draw

Inside Drawing Basics you’ll receive short and simple, intuitive video lessons. Showing you insightful strategies for not only how to draw, but how to SEE.

Explore new techniques, drawing processes, and ways of drawing. At the end of this course you’ll have the confidence knowing you understand how to see like an artist and draw anything.

This course is a complete drawing system you can use for any subject or type of drawing – even if you’ve ever doubted your drawing ability. Each video lesson delivers a core drawing concept followed by an actionable drawing project.

In just 7 lessons you’ll gain a complete understanding of how to start drawing well.

LESSON 01: Tools
Essential drawing supplies to make drawing fast and easy.

LESSON 02: Seeing vs. Knowing
The art of drawing is a strange communication between our eyes, mind, and hands. Learn how to get all three of these to work together in harmony.

LESSON 03: Lines
Start creating interesting drawings fast

LESSON 04: Shapes
Understand the language of shapes so you can draw anything.

LESSON 05: Values and textures
Create a mood and atmosphere in your drawings.

LESSON 06: Exploring Themes
Merge everything you learn about seeing, lines, shapes, values, textures, and composition to explore a theme with a series of drawings.

So if you’ve ever wanted the ability to sit down and draw a portrait, animals, people, and anything else you observe – you’ll find a lot of value inside Drawing Basics.

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