Drawing for my animated short film

This past week has been all animation mode.

Still, I’m in the planning out phase of my hand made short film.

Way more drawing needs to me done until I reach a point where I can start scanning drawings to see what they look like in motion.

Never forgetting old work. I’m also incorporating other drawings I’ve done while traveling into this animated flick. Using each sketch as a jumping off point for key moments in the film.

Eventually, I’ll be tying these key poses together with many many in-between drawings.

That feeling of coming full circle with my work:

  1. Early on in college I got frustrated with animation because I thought it had to be done digitally or with a “finished” look.
  2. Ditched animation to pursue illustration in a more loose style.
  3. 10 years later, determined to rediscover animation with a new perspective.

College was the first time in my life I spent 8-12 hours a day sitting.

For the first time, drawing was actually “work”.

It turned into something I had to sit down and do even if I didn’t feel like it. By the end of my four years, the last thing I wanted was to continue this habit of sitting and drawing in a “finished” style.

So I transitioned my art business to not require too many sitting hours. Embracing a more loose and fast style. Only focusing on illustration. Avoiding animation all together because of the intense amount of energy it required.

But animation has always been a love of mine. It’s what got me into drawing.

Now I’m back to revisiting animation with a more fine art approach. Not giving a damn about what “animation” is supposed to look like or what the industry standards are.

Just doing it in my own way and style.

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