Drawing Rabbits

A while ago I went to Costa Rica for a few weeks.

Before any adventure, especially to a place I’ve never been – my imagination begins to run wild.

It was no different for Costa Rica.

I began envisioning thick rainforests, exotic fruits, misty rainforests, and animals. Animals everywhere. I expected to see critters in the trees by my hotel, in my shoes, in the water under my surfboard.

Compared to other trips, I had been anxious to go on this trip for a while now. As it seemed like it will be an endless array of natural things to draw. I’ve always had a hard time drawing one thing for too long. My eyes and curiosity always wander. I’ve embraced this quirk and now openly make it a part of my work.

Which is why most of my drawings have multiple images in them. I like to think of my drawings as a visual journal. Everything I draw on become a timeline and record of where I was.

There’s a story behind each scribble and image:

“I had to stop this part of the drawing because it started raining.”

“There’s mud on this part of the drawing because it’s where I slide off the rock I was sitting on.”

This is why I never really enjoyed working in a typical art studio. Constantly, drawing new things over older drawings. Layering and layering as I go.

When I look at a finished drawing of mine I remember where I was when I drew each part.

To prep for this trip, I’ve been hanging out and drawing in a park near my home at dusk. Most of the time I’m running laps in this park, but recently I’ve been going to draw the rabbits.

The longer I was there the more they began trusting me.

Going about their business of eating grass.

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