As a wildlife artist, my passion for drawing animals has taken me across the globe, from the dense jungles of Borneo to the Sri Lanka.

In my interest in seeing wildlife up close, I've found myself traveling for the majority of the year. Every trip is a mission to gather reference photos for my wildlife drawings, which I heavily rely on for my tutorials and artwork.

But as traveled to more places, I realized the importance of traveling responsibly. Witnessing firsthand the impact of human activity on these natural wonders has made me more conscious of the choices I make while on the road.

This is why I talk about ecotourism. It's not just about where I go or what I see; it's about how I choose to experience these places. Staying in eco-friendly accommodations, participating in tours that respect wildlife, and supporting local conservation efforts have become integral parts of my travels.

By sharing my experiences with ecotourism, I hope to inform others to consider the footprint they leave behind. Making choices that support the conservation of the incredible places and creatures I've been lucky enough to sketch.

My goal is to not just draw, but also show that art and conservation can go hand in hand.