Every artist needs this art supply

You don't need a lot to sketch or be creative.

Just use simple art supplies that every artist needs.

I have many artist friends, and we all do the same thing: we collect lots of art supplies.

Going to an art store (or looking online) is super exciting. There are cool paints, types of sketchbooks, colorful pencils, crayons, inks in every color, all sorts of sketchbooks, and tons of pens – we want everything!

What art supply do you really need?

Creativity isn't about having everything but making the most of what you have.

One of my students asked: “If you only had a sketchbook and one other supply, what would it be?” This challenge underscores creativity's essence – it's not about the quantity of tools but the power of imagination.

Personally, I would choose a simple Bic ballpoint pen.

It's about the artist, not the supplies

It's not the tools that create art; it's the person wielding them.

Every day, a new drawing.

A few years ago, I embarked on a journey to fill a sketchbook with macaw sketches, which turned out to be one of the most varied sketchbook I've ever created.

Even if it's just the same pen (and subject matter) used daily, it doesn't have to feel monotonous.

In fact, this limitation can open up a world of creativity. With no distractions or delays from choosing between materials (or what to draw), I can dive straight into creating.

I started drawing with just a simple ballpoint pen.

It was a humble beginning, but it led me to fill numerous sketchbooks with art that I'm incredibly proud of. This journey with a ballpoint pen helped me carve out somewhat of a niche for myself.

I've made a living with a ballpoint pen. From storyboarding movies, to illustrating for publications, to teaching others how to sketch. All because of the confidence I developed with a simple tool.

Creativity isn't confined by the number of tools available. It's about making the most of what you have and exploring the depths of your imagination.

I hope this inspires you to embrace your creativity, no matter how simple your tools might be.

As long as there's a tool to draw with and a surface to draw on, you can maintain your creative routine

Embracing simplicity in your creative process can lead to profound expressions of art.

As Eugene Delacroix insightfully remarks about sketchbooks, they often reveal the essence of an artist's creativity, serving as a window into the “magical mind of a working artist.”

His thoughts echo the importance of starting with whatever tools you have at hand, be it a ballpoint pen or a sketchbook. It's not about the complexity of your materials but about the depth and authenticity of your creative exploration.

So, grab that pen, turn the page of your sketchbook, and start sketching.

Filling your sketchbook begins with the simplest of steps.