Grow your audience and sell your art online in a natural, storytelling way

You'll discover: 

  • Exact steps to grow your mailing list from zero to 1,000 and beyond
  • A framework for selling your art online in 5 days
  • How to automate your art sales while you're away from your computer
  • Email scripts for getting featured and interviewed in front of the massive audiences of others
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Learn how to get high-value clients who are happy to pay you for your creative vision and style

You'll discover:

  • How to use hand crafted emails secure future illustration clients
  • A simple framework to have your existing clients send you 3 additional clients.
  • Charge more than industry rates with a proven proposal framework.
  • Build real relationships with creative VIPs and decision makers.
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Build your art website with WordPress

You'll discover:

  • How to create a store to sell your art
  • 14 steps to launching your website in less than a day
  • How to create galleries and unlimited pages
  • Establish the foundation of your art business online
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Draw anything with confidence and find your signature drawing style

Inside you'll discover: 

  • Inject your imagination into simple drawings
  • Loosen up your drawings
  • Advanced drawing exercises to push your cognitive and observational skills
  • Capture movement with light and shadows
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Access a vault of email scripts to help you navigate ANY sticky freelance situation

Inside you'll discover: 

  • How to send the right message every time
  • How to get paid by unresponsive clients
  • How to submit your work to a clients to minimize revisions
  • How to double your clients by asking past happy clients for referrals
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Protect your time, money, and ideas on your next freelance project

The contract template will help you: 

  • Get paid from work long after you're done creating them with built in licensing
  • Get paid for revisions that aren't agreed upon
  • Get paid on your schedule
  • Keep your copyright for ever and ever
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