Free Resources

Sketchbook Saturday
Join me every Saturday for Sketchbook Saturday, a newsletter designed to enrich your sketching practice with engaging prompts, actionable tips, and exclusive content.

The Sketchbook Manifesto
This guide serves as a call to embrace the raw, expressiveness of drawing, encouraging you to liberate your artistic spirit and fill your pages without fear, in pursuit of authentic artistic expression.

Mastering Art Launches
You've dedicated countless hours to drawing and painting. Ensure your launch is as strong as your art. Sales for remarkable artworks often crash and burn because artists invest all their energy into social media – but neglect the launch plan.

Artwork Pricing Spreadsheet
A detailed analysis of prices and dimensions for a variety of artworks, sold online in 2023 by over 500 emerging artists. Covering a wide spectrum, from original artworks like drawings and paintings to both open and limited edition prints.

Get Paid to Illustrate
A free 7-day email training guides you on launching and expanding your illustration business, focusing on setting prices, acquiring clients, and generating passive income through licensing. Learn how to connect with clients directly, moving beyond traditional methods like postcards, social media, and agents.