Do you hear the **chirp chirp** of crickets every time you try to sell your art online?

Email is the single most effective way to sell your art online

Inside this 7 day email training you’ll learn how the shortcut to growing your art business.

  1. Why you should avoid things like social media and sites like Etsy
  2. How to get people to visit your art website
  3. How to grow your email list
  4. How to sell your art in a natural, storytelling way
  5. How much you can expect to earn selling your art online
  6. The Steven Spielberg guide to selling art online
  7. Four natural ways to boost your art sales online

I’ll walk with you, show you the ropes, and equip you with the tools and techniques you need start selling your art online.

Get the 7 day email training on how to start and grow your art business

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