Drawing Beyond

A beginners guide to drawing anything and finding your drawing style.

Build a daily drawing habit

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Learn to see shadow shapes and to manipulate color, tone, and hue to achieve the focus and effect you want. Without getting hung up about the realism of the sketch.

Start working in a looser way without being afraid to try different tools and techniques in your sketchbook.

Develop your signature way of drawing without fear of ‘doing it wrong’.

Embrace the wonkiness of drawing without the restrictions of drawing in a structured and detailed way.

The goal of Drawing Beyond is to show you how to draw anything with more confidence – while helping you grow your own natural, drawing style.

You’ll learn how to interpret what you see onto paper in your own, natural way.

Boost your observation skills, actionable ways of drawing from life, and tactics for creating truly interesting drawings everyday.

Explore new ways to fill your sketchbook and make each page a masterpiece.

  • “I finished another sketchbook, but only 5 pages are worth saving.” 
  • “Every time I sit down to draw, I go through 10 pages of drawing before I get something I’m happy with.”
  • “I must have over a dozen sketchbooks that are half finished.” 

What’s going on here?

How many times do you buy a new sketchbook and get excited to start filling it up with new drawings, but it never turns out how you want it to? Where you have half finished sketches throughout the whole sketchbook – or worse – you abandon the sketchbook completely.

Drawing is an activity that should be enjoyed every day. But when you open your sketchbook and are faced with an empty white page, it can feel like a task to figure out what and how to draw.

The curse of most sketchbooks

Unfortunately, most sketchbooks go unfinished.

It’s happened to me and I see it happen a lot with other artists. Once you finish a sketchbook and go back to flip through the pages – only a handful of the pages are worth saving. The other 95% of your sketchbook is just half finished sketches and abandoned drawings.

Or even worse, you completely abandon your sketchbook half way through.

Most sketchbooks go unfinished because most artists don’t approach each sketchbook page with intention. Often sitting down, opening the sketchbook, and starting a drawing in the middle of the page.

A new way of looking at your sketchbook

So many people treat their sketchbooks as a place for “unfinished” work. For the past 10+ years my sketchbook has been the only source of my illustration portfolio and where I create the drawings I sell to collectors around the world,

Imagine finishing a sketchbook then putting each drawing up for sale in your online store.

Imagine getting hired to make commercial work based on your sketchbook the drawing.

Imagine your family and friends asking you to look through your sketchbook every time they see you.

Building a reputation for making awesome sketchbooks starts by drawing everyday. Developing a daily drawing habit starts with having strategy and a plan for each sketchbook page. Which is exactly what you’ll gain from Drawing Beyond.

Inside Drawing Beyond you’ll receive in-depth, cinematic video lessons showing you new strategies for making each page of your sketchbook matter.

But it can be challenging to find the time, or even figure out what to draw.

Explore new techniques, drawing processes, and ways of drawing. At the end of this course you’ll have a toolkit of actionable strategies to make your sketchbooks fresh and interesting.

Sketchbook lessons include:

  1. Why drawing makes everything interesting
    Figure out your themes and making the mundane interesting
  2. The secret to drawing anything
    This is why you don’t need talent to draw
  3. Drawing blind
    Loosen up the way you draw
  4. Seeing vs. knowing
    Break this paralyzing habit
  5. The language of shapes
    Draw anything
  6. The infinite line of detail
    The fastest way to warm-up and break the ice with your sketchbook
  7. Capturing energy and motion with light and shadow
    The easiest way to make dynamic drawings
  8. Gesture studies
    Fill pages in your sketchbook fast with motion studies
  9. Revisiting pages
    Embellish and improve older sketchbook pages
  10. Multiple imaging
    Pull viewers in with this immersive style of drawing
  11. Negative space composition
    A fast way to quickly fill your sketchbook
  12. Mixed media drawing
    Add color and life into your sketchbooks
  13. Exploring themes
    Create memorable bodies of work

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Build a daily drawing habit

Enter your email to get actionable drawing lessons to help you draw anything more confidently:

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