Grasshoppers in Black Sketchbook

I had a cool little sketchbook with black pages I treated as a kind of special project sketchbook. I would leave it around for those moments I wanted to draw, but a blank white page wasn’t very motivating.

As you can see from the grasshoppers, the page they’re drawn on has a pretty intense background. Throughout this whole sketchbook I make a background like this. It took a lot of time to make, but well over half the pages turned out to be pieces I really liked and ended up selling or using in my portfolio.

To mix thing up in it I smeared some white gesso on a few of the pages and let them dry.

Next, I sanded the gesso to give is a smooth texture to draw on. Adding small washes of watercolor to make the drawing surface even more interesting.

I repeated this process for most of the sketchbook. Then when all the pages were dry I had a sketchbook ready to go.

Now every drawing I make in this sketchbook is instantly awesome. Just adding a small sketch of something I observe throughout the day make the page feel like a finished work.

Eliminating the ominous white pages in your sketchbook.

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