Artist Websites: Five examples of great artist websites

These artist websites examples will help you figure out how to organize your website.

I put together five great artist website examples for you to check out.

If you’re currently building a website for your art, researching which website builder to use, or you already have an art website. It can be difficult to know which design direction to go:

  • Should you keep it simple?
  • Should you make it immersive and designed focused on images of your work?
  • Should your website be centered around your store?

All questions to consider when you’re making a website to help you sell your art online.

The artist websites I highlighted in this article showcase various design directions you can take.

What makes a great artist website?

Unfortunately, when people land on a your website you have an extremely limited window of time to grab their attention. It’s just how people behave online.

So the design of your site should has to do many things simultaneously:

  • communicate what you and your art is about
  • invoke curiosity
  • take your viewer down a rabbit hole of your work

Each artist has a different goals, business models, and ways of presenting their work. Hopefully these examples will inspire you as you run your own art website.

Gottfried Helnwein


The site of Gottfried Helnwein is a great example of using images of your art as the main design element. He makes use of full screen image backgrounds which immediately pull you into his creative world. His art website makes it extremely easy to spend a lot of time exploring each moment of his career and brushstroke.

Mercedes Helnwein


Yes, the daughter of Gottfried Helnwein. Mercedes Helnwein goes the direct opposite design direction – gearing more towards a simple, minimalistic art website. She creates pencil drawings, pastel drawings, and is also a writer. When you have multiple avenues of creative work. Simple is sometimes the way to go. Allowing for clear navigation for your audience to easily navigate between your different mediums of work.

Amber Vittoria


Keeping to a simple and clear design philosophy (a design route you can’t go wrong with). Artist Amber Vittoria does a great job with her top description on her homepage. In just one sentence, she clearly let’s her website visitors know who she is, her location, the focus of her work, and credibility. When someone visits her site for the first time, it probably takes them a split second to know they’re in the right place. Something that is quite difficult to accomplish.

Here’s a detailed article about how Amber approaches selling her art online.



Herakut is a street artist duo based in Germany. The top slider gallery immediately shows off their art style and epic nature of their murals. Right below the slider the rest of there homepage does a great job of guiding their viewers through to other parts of their website. Communicating their recent news, where to go to buy prints, and upcoming projects.

Leroy Neiman


Artist Leroy Neiman (1921-2012) has an art website that is both simple and grand. Using large images of his work to guide you through the different parts of his website. Another strong takeaway to learn Leroy’s website is how the design drives home the main purpose of the site – selling art.

In an unapologetic and confident way you’re guided to purchase a print, poster, book, or original work. Each product page does an amazing job of telling the story about each piece of art. Great job.

Final thoughts about artist websites

Each of these websites remind us that there are different design directions you can take. The design you choose for your artist website is obviously up to you.

Just don’t forget the design route you take can also be a reflection of your personality and communication style. You can go minimal, atmospheric and moody, bold and in your face, or everything in between.

Remember, your art website (apart from your art itself) is the only window into your creative world.

If you are still getting started and want to build your own artist website, you’ll want to read this guide on the which of these artist website builders is best for you.


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