Hand drawn sea turtle animation

I’ve always had many drawings going on at once. Meaning, I never just sit down and just finish a drawing in one session.

When you have a dozen or so drawings going on at once, you’re able to re-visit each one. Bringing a new perspective to each one. Spending days going back and forth between drawings. Finessing and adding new lines to each one.

This is what I love about hand drawn animation. You’re constantly moving back and forth between drawings as you try to capture a desired motion.

This is the start of an ocean animation project I’m working on. I don’t have a deadline for it. It’s simply there for me to visit when I’m in the mind frame of making more sequential drawings.

Right now I’m creating treating my key animations as storyboards. Where I have a general idea of what I want the final 30 second animation to look like – but I’m not getting caught up in making perfect storyboards.

The final animation is going to be exactly what you see. Messy lines. No clean up.

It’s going to be a morphing and flowing sequence exploring different wildlife in the ocean. I see the final presentation of the animation as a projected loop in a real environment.

The biggest challenge I’m giving myself with this animation is animating the perspective of the camera. Where I’m thinking of the sheet of paper as a window of a submarine – circling in and around different wildlife that’s traveling through a current.

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