What are your horizon goals?

I first heard about the concept of horizon goals from Craig Mod. A photographer, writer, and walker I’ve been following for a while.

At the time, I was intrigued about transitioning everything I do into a paid membership model.

One of the few people who runs a paid membership program on their own platform in a chill and confident way is Craig Mod.

Horizon goals are that thing you would do no matter what until you die. Regardless of money, fame, or even necessity. You horizon goal is what you infinitely do for yourself.

Craig Mod wrote about horizon goals in the context of describing his paid membership program.

Support him in his horizon goal of continuously making book-shaped objects until he is dead.

Mod describes horizon goals:

It’s a “horizon goal” because you never arrive. You learn to wrest fulfillment from the endless pain of moving towards the goal. Often you feel like a complete dingdong walking towards it, sometimes with hail smashing you in the face, sometimes with an exciting tailwind and perfect humidity, sometimes the earth opens and covers your legs in lava — you simply have to keep walking, crawling, slithering towards that point on the horizon.

Craig Mod

Read about Craig Mod’s horizon goals and running a paid membership here.

Initially, I was reading his article to learn more about running a paid membership. Which has always intrigued me, but felt I didn’t have enough commitment to sustain.

Turns out, that’s because I wasn’t clear on my horizon goal.

The moment I read about horizon goals it was as if everything else I thought was urgent or important, went away. Blank slate.

I started thinking about what I would do with every single day of my life if I didn’t have to generate money.


Everything I was doing

The concept of horizon goals made me realize the things I currently put on my plate don’t belong there.

Seriously, after I finished reading about horizon goals I quietly closed my laptop, grabbed a sketchbook and walked outside to think.

What is your horizon goal?

You can also dig for an answer to this by thinking of your horizon goal as a lifelong pursuit. I also recommend reading, The Happiness of Pursuit: Finding the Quest That Will Bring Purpose For Your Life by Chris Guillebeau.

Personally, I’m still trying to clearly define the “umbrella” that ties all my interests together. Mostly, being able to clearly articulate the common thread that winds through my work and different mediums.

Worth checking out is the book, How to Be Everything: A Guide For Those Who (Still) Don’t Know What To Be When They Grow Up by Emilie Wapnick.

It really will help you if you’re interested in many different mediums and have a variety of interests. But you feel like you’re scattered brained because you lack “focus”. Really, all you need is an over-arching “umbrella” to package all your interests together.