How I started selling my art online

The path I took to selling my art online was a bit unconventional.

Around the same time I was working on illustrating for clients I began emailing online art publications who featured art like mine.

Luckily, within a few weeks I was had a small snippets about my art published online in Juxtapoz and Beautiful Decay magazines. The following week, I had over 10,000 people visit my art website.

I thought I was going to sell everything in my shop. But nothing happened, I didn’t sell anything from my shop.

All was not lost, because a few hundred people signed up for my email list via the form on my site. So every week I started sending out photos of my sketchbook and talking about my influences and creative process.

After I felt people had become familiar with me, I invited everyone on my email list to collect a limited edition print and an original drawing. I made over $1500 in 24 hours and over $3000 by the end of the week.

I would later understand this is called launching.

Every season, I release a new limited edition print, original drawings, or a window of time to book me for private commissions.

Knowing how to sell art online will help you grow your art business.

It’s one of the many ways to generate income which doesn’t have a limit to earnings or any gatekeepers to bypass such as galleries.

Apart from teaching art, working as an illustrator or art licensing.

Knowing how to finally sell art online will open up the door to more income and overall satisfaction as an artist.

How I learned how to sell art online

I spent the first 18 months of my art business barely hanging on by a thread. I had just graduated from art school with student loan debt. With just random jobs animation studios and a few illustration commissions here and there, I was barely hanging on.

My art business was scattered and unfocused. I didn’t understand how to build different streams of income.

Like most artists, I had always wanted to sell art online. Selling everything from original drawings and paintings to limited edition prints. Maybe an occasional private commission here and there.

However, up until those early months after art school graduation I had a sinking feeling the only way to sell art was to get permission from a physical art gallery to sell my art and give them half the earning.

Or worse, online art sales was a bi-product of being famous or having thousands of followers on social media.

Then something happened to me in year two and three after graduating that changed everything.

I invested in online business courses and started to apply marketing strategies from other industries (like the movie industry) and developed a repeatable path for creating art sales online.

I learned that the process of how to sell art online is nothing more than getting traffic to your art website, building familiarity with my art newsletter subscribers by sharing my creative process, and inviting my audience to collect my work in a natural storytelling way.

I remember one morning, I checked my sales stats after doing a small art launch before heading off to a freelance animation job.

I had made more money selling limited edition prints of my drawings the night before while I slept than I was going to make all month working 160 hours.

By taking the time to learn how to establishing some basic business systems I had created an additional source of income. A source of income that doesn’t require me to exchange my time for money.

Now many years later these same strategies generate art sales no matter where I’m at in the world. Even when I’m out away from the computer, art sales happen automatically.

During a trip to Cambodia, art sales kept happening…