A detailed list of how to sell your art online

I created this art sales checklist as a reminder of the framework you should follow in order to sell your art online.

Essentially, there are a lot of marketing distractions out there. You don’t need to be famous or have even have thousands of social media followers in order to sell your art online.

For now take a look at the checklist to remind you not only of what to do, but also of what not to do. If its not on the list, it’s not essential to selling art online.

  1. Make great art consistently. Spend time every day constantly improving your work.
  2. Build your “good-enough” art website. In the beginning all you need is a domain name, 12-20 images of your art in a gallery, 5-10 foundational blog posts, a way to
    process payments with a store functionality, and your About + Contact pages.
  3. Start your email list. Pick an email list newsletter provider. I use ConvertKit, but you can also use MailChimp.
  4. Lead magnet. Create a compelling reason for someone to join your art newsletter (often referred to as a lead magnet) and prominently place it throughout your website.
  5. Write your Welcome email sequence. Automate the main Welcome email to be delivered immediately after someone subscribes. Also automate a few more emails to send once a week to introduce your new subscribers to your creative world.
  6. Create a weekly content strategy as part of your system for generating traffic to your art website. This can be on content platforms such as your blog, YouTube channel, or Pinterest.
  7. Begin your outreach to jumpstart more traffic to your art website. Define a target audience and do some light research online of possible niche websites they would likely be in the audience of. Base your audience on things like your inspirations, the subject matter of your work, parallel interests aligned with your art, and the values you live by. Connect with niche websites to be featured, interviewed, or to write a guest post in front of their already established audiences.
  8. Grow your email list to 250 subscribers. Focus on outreach until you grow your email list to 250 subscribers.
  9. Create your first 5-day email sequence. An automated email sequence that builds familiarity and eventually launches to invite new subscribers to collect your art in a natural, storytelling way.
  10. Scale your art sales. Apply advanced strategies such as creating a separate collectors only email list, quarterly launches with scarcity, and building automated email funnels to sell your art passively in the background.

I hope this checklist give you a birds eye view of what to do and what not to do as you set out to sell your art online.