Ignore these voices as an artist

When you set out to sell art online, it might be the first time you’re really putting yourself out there.

It can feel strange at first. Remember one thing, everyone wants you to do well and see your process.

In order to sell art online you have to overcome these invisible scripts:

  • “Why would anyone buy from me?”
    Why would anyone choose your art out of all these other artists online? Some of them have had websites for years. They have way more traffic, more connections, more money. Why would someone choose you? How would they even find you?
  • “All artists are starving artists!”
    The invisible script of being a starving artist is probably the biggest hurdle for artists to steer away from. Selling art is literally just like any other type of business. You have to treat it like a business from the start.
  • “I don’t know where to start!”
    Where do I start? Ugh, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc?! Which one will benefit me the most? Do I need to be on EVERY platform? How do I put the pieces of the puzzle together?
  • “I hate selling!”
    Selling = sleazy. Does anyone really LIKE to sell? Selling your art is nothing more than telling your story. Why can’t you just do good work and get noticed? How can you start a business on your terms?
  • “It’s not a good time right now”
    How much time will this take? Who has the time to start another personal project? Especially if you’re not sure it’s going to succeed? Maybe one day when you have more time.