Learn how to get illustration clients

In the workshop, you’re going to learn, step-by-step, what it takes to succeed as an artist, including:

  1. How to find potential illustration clients.
  2. How to qualify leads and makes sure you’re a good fit for each other..
  3. How to craft thoughtful emails to introduce yourself to potential clients..
  4. Get high-value clients to pay you for your unique vision and style.
  5. Protect your time money, and ideas with a tested illustration contract template
  6. Access a vault of email scripts to help you navigate any tricky freelance illustration situation.

You’re getting a decade worth of experience and hard-won lessons condensed into grab-and-go screencast video and written lessons, proven emails, templates, frameworks, and ready-to-use strategies that will save you enormous time, effort, and expense.

I want you to have everything you need to connect with potential illustration clients who are aligned with you and the type of illustrations you make.

As an illustrator, your marketing skills are the only thing standing between you and your goals.

In 8 lessons you’ll get a clear idea how to start and grow your freelance illustration business.

  1. Know what NOT to do
    Free your time and mind from things like social media and paying for ads.
  2. Create goals that matter
    Know exactly what benchmarks you need to hit to increase your income.
  3. Define your profitable clients
    Take your illustration into new markets so you aren’t competing with anyone.
  4. Crafting your offer
    Figure out how to creatively package your illustration services to profit.
  5. Generating leads
    Compile a list of profitable clients.
  6. Qualifying leads
    Exact ways to introduce yourself to a potential clients.
  7. Converting leads into clients
    Next steps to take to transition an interested lead into a paying client.
  8. Getting referrals
    Double and triple your clients with one email.
  9. BONUS: Access a vault of 25+ proven email scripts
    Know how to navigate any tricky situation with a client. Need to enforce a contract? Collect a payment? Or have to figure out a budget? These email scripts will help you say anything expertly. From collecting late payments, to reaching out to an unresponsive client, and more.
  10. BONUS: Protect your time, money, and ideas with the illustration contract
    Get the only contract template for creatives used on over 100+ real world commercial projects. From illustration and design to photography, animation, and art licensing

This is the only contract template with built in “usage rights” so you can streamline how you generate more income from art licensing.

  • Establish ownership of your copyright
  • Eliminate endless revisions
  • Earn from your work years laters with built in art licensing
  • Get paid on your schedule.

“I really enjoyed the class and am really happy you’ve gotten such great feedback and response to it because I thought it was great! I feel my level of confidence contacting and approaching potential clients has skyrocketed! It’s always been a struggle for me to put myself out there. I’m glad I found your site and subsequently your workshop! Thank you for being so generous to offer your free advice/content on your website because I probably would have never found you if not!”
Kat Uno, Illustrator

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