Take your art business to the next level with proven training, actionable insights, and marketing strategies.

Now is a great time to start and grow your art business

Imagine it’s a Monday morning…

You get up, brew a cup of coffee, and check your email.

What do you see?

You sold 7 prints and 2 originals during the night. The art newsletter you sent out a few days ago is still generating art sales – all while you were slumbering away.

You continue sipping your coffee – your phone buzzes again. What’s this? It’s an email from someone who wants to commission you for an upcoming project – all automatic.

It’ll be a breath of fresh air knowing how to harness your inbox to grow your art business. No matter which direction you want to take it.

Wake up in the morning knowing the nuts and bolts of how you can walk the road to being financially successful doing what you love to do.

  • It doesn’t require you to “be famous” or have thousands of followers on social media.
  • Long gone are the days where you need a gallery to “approve” and sell your work.
  • Forget about sending out hundreds of postcards or getting an agent to get more clients.

No matter how weird or niche your art is, you don't have to struggle making a living from your work. There are specific steps you can take to earn income independently.

Do you hear the **chirp chirp** of crickets every time you try and sell your art online.

Most of us artists have the dream of selling our creations. From fine art originals, prints, books of our work, and other objects…anything.

But the old school way of selling our art just isn’t cutting it anymore:

  1. Blast a link all over social media saying “Check out my new work you can buy!”.
  2. Then wait for people to buy it.
  3. Nothing happens.
  4. Then come to the conclusion it’s impossible to sell your art online.

This approach is no different than walking up to a complete stranger on the street and asking them to buy a $1,000 painting from you. It’s ineffective and not an interesting experience for your collectors and fans.

But what about selling your art in a gallery? Unfortunately, galleries are slow, often discouraging, and not very profitable. When a gallery has dozens of artists

The only other option is to try and sell your art online.

Sell your art the same way Hollywood launches their movies

Have you noticed how the movie industry builds up buzz about a movie months before its released in theaters?

  • First, the movie industry will start building anticipation months before it’s released with sneak peek trailers.
  • Second, The closer and closer we get to the launch weekend, the buzz is off the hook. There will be interviews with the actors, more trailers, and more sneak peeks.
  • Finally, the film is released on launch day and a TON of money is generated.
    The movie studios have invested so much effort in not just making the film, but also in creating anticipation, curiosity, and interest.

These are the same strategies I’ve synthesized, broke down, analyzed, and applied to selling art online.

You see, the movie studios have invested so much effort in not just making the film, but also in creating anticipation, curiosity, and interest. Tapping into these psychological triggers knowing they'll increase their sales on launch day.

This is known as “launching your art”. Here's what it looks like in action:

  • Someone visits your art website and they enjoy your work. They're so interested in who you are the work you're making that they decide to sign up for your art newsletter.
  • Once or twice a week you share your ongoing creative story. Creating anticipation by sharing stories about what you're working on and what's currently inspiring you. People from all over the world are following you and even replying to your newsletters letting you know they enjoy what you're making.
  • Finally, every month or so you invite your email art newsletters subscribers to collect your work. For the past few weeks you've done nothing but share your creative story and behind-the-scenes, so when you invite everyone to collect a few specific pieces, it doesn't even feel like you're selling.

You're simple giving people a timed and limited opportunity to take part in your creative story.

With the right audience, a solid launch plan, a little discipline, and a lot of effort, you can sell your art and products by crafting email art launches.

Email art launches work because they build up desire, get your audience excited, and grow a stronger bond with your fans.

When it comes time to launch your art through a series of storytelling emails with your audience, something great happens. Your audience becomes more invested in you. Open to the opportunity to collect your work when you invite them to during your next art launch.

Launching your art further amplifies your bond with those who are interested in your art. Creating buzz, mystery, anticipation, and urgency to elevate your art revenue on launch day.

It doesn’t matter what kind of art you do, the size of your audience, or where you live in the world. There's a specific type of launch for you depending on where you are in your career.

Even artists with THOUSANDS of fans can’t sell their art without the right launch plan

A while back, when my email list was around 1,500+ subscribers I thought it would be easy to sell a bunch of art prints I had collecting dust in my studio.

So one night before I went to bed, I sent a quick email to my list announcing they were for sale. I went to bed that night expecting to wake up to a bunch of orders the next morning.

The results? I didn’t sell a single print.

Here’s why: I sprang the print on my audience before I built up desire. I just announced it. I didn’t get anyone excited, tell the backstory about the print, or create a sense of urgency to buy it.

I didn’t have a CONVERSATION with my audience about the print before I made it available for purchase.

I just “announced” it.

It was jarring, spammy, and not an artisanal experience for my audience.

This same mistake is made all the time by artists who are puzzled why their THOUSANDS of fans don’t drive meaningful sales.

Remember, to make art sales you have to launch.

I share the exact email scripts and proven launch frameworks in this workshop.

“But I don’t have an audience to launch to!”

Building a following for your art takes time. It’s especially difficult when you may not have a clear goal in mind for your blog. But sharing your creative process and what you're working on changes that.

Just the act of making your art — and giving people a way to follow along — will make it substantially easier to grow a profitable audience. By using landing pages and blog posts to build an email list — and keeping my small audience interested — you can build a profitable following in very little time. I’ll show you how to do it step-by-step.

With the right audience, a solid launch plan, a little discipline, and a lot of effort, you can make a living from your art.

Learn how to effortlessly use your email art newsletter to sell your art online.

And no, you don't need to be famous or have a huge online following either.

Selling your art online has nothing to do with getting thousands of followers on social media or getting into galleries. It’s more of a system that focuses on sharing your creative process and letting your audience in on your behind-the-scenes. Naturally building up to new sales of your art in a storytelling way.

Done in a way that works for your unique personality, strengths, and in a way you want to be perceived as an artist.

This is called launching your art.

Launching is what book publishers do to release new books. It's how movie studios sellout tickets during launch weekend. And it's what you can start doing as an artist to sell your work.

I've condensed this training down into key areas that consist of short, actionable video lessons – which will help you figure out a blueprint for your own art launching plan.

Here’s what you’ll learn: How to grow your audience and sell your art in a natural, storytelling way.

After a lot of trial and error, I found that to sell your work online you have to:

  1. Define and connect to your true audience.
  2. Drive focused and specific traffic to your art website.
  3. Convert that traffic into subscribers to your art newsletter.
  4. Engage with those subscribers build interest and trust, over time.
  5. Sell your art and creative products to your subscribers in a natural, storytelling way.

Let’s finally connect the dots between your art and making money. Without jeopardizing your unique vision and style. Learning the actionable business knowledge you need to succeed as an artist.


Art sales happen on your email art newsletter, NOT your website.

Even if someone comes to our website and loves our work, the chances of them ever coming back are SLIM. The chances of them buying something from your site on the spot are even less likely. This has nothing to do with you or your work, it’s just how people behave online.

Casual visitors to your art website are 99% useless.

People who take action – by signing up for your art newsletter – are serious prospects. They are worth your time. So take your time to nurture the people who show in interest in you and your work by joining your email art newsletter.

It doesn’t matter how many Facebook likes or Twitter followers you have. If they aren’t on your email art newsletter, then they don’t exist. Here’s why:

When you send out new content on your social media platforms, only 3-5% of your followers will see it.

When you send out new content on your email list, 40-60% of your art newsletter subscribers will see it.

Much better that the 3-5% on social media, right?

You don’t need a massive audience of thousands of people. You just need an audience of the RIGHT people.

The frameworks and mindset behind launching your art optimize your art business around relationships. NOT the immediate sale. Which means delaying revenue until you earn the the trust and genuine interest from your audience. Which is all accomplished as you share your creative process and ongoing story via your newsletter.


The Workshop

A step-by-step system for artists who want to sell art online.

The goal of this entrepreneurship workshop for artists is this: To show you how to start your own successful art business — growing your audience, selling your art online. In a way that beautifully highlights your passions, experiences, and creativity. Then expand your art business into the realm of licensing and commissions.

Inside the workshop

To create this resource, I dissected all my audience growth, product sales, commissions, and other partnerships I've ever had — and systematically diagrammed out the entire road map.

  • 40+ Grab and go multi-media lessons on how to sell your art online.
  • A vault of bonus trainings, tools, scripts, templates, and more.
  • Access to a global community of supportive and like-minded artists

Plus: Lifetime access to everything forever.

Learning the exact strategies, frameworks, tactics, and examples of how to package your work so its profitable, then use systems to “scale” your business — even when you're away from your computer.

It's interesting that when you go from “theory” to actually building your art business, you discover subtle nuances that weren't obvious in the beginning. I included the psychological aspects of pricing. Frameworks for writing launch emails. Specific ways to get more traffic to your art website. How to grow your email newsletter in a compelling way. Exactly how to get product sales and real money in your pocket.


Establish a strong foundation so you can start growing your art business.

4 Video Lessons

  • Create an artisanal experience for your audience and future customers
  • The 3 most important things to keep in mind when you’re getting started
  • The #1 mistake most creatives make online that virtually guarantees they won’t make a dime
  • Embrace your key interests, experiences, and work to hone your target audience
  • Everything your website needs, and most importantly, exactly what you don’t need
  • Determine what people will pay for and how to fit into your larger profit picture


Grow a profitable audience by sharing your work in a magnetic way.

4 Video Lessons

  • Identify and find where your audience hangs out online
  • Discover the power of parallel audiences
  • Grow your audience by getting featured, guest posting, and getting interviewed
  • How to share your creative process in a magnetic way
  • Turn random visitors to your website into fans for life
  • Engage with your audience so they’re anxious to buy from you
  • The 3 ways to drive people to your website
  • Turn your website into a tool that works for you 24/7


Use proven launch strategies to start generating art sales online in a natural, storytelling way.

  • The psychology behind why people will buy your art during a launch
  • Create a viral loop of audience growth as you sell your art
  • Automate your art sales
  • How to launch a new art product in 5 days and profit
  • Simultaneously grow your audience as you make art sales by launching with influencers
  • 2X, 5X, and 20X your art sales revenue with the pricing masterclass.

PLUS: Advanced trainings, tools, and strategies.

Access an advanced vault of resources to expand your art business.

Apart from selling your art online – you have the option to expand your art business by working with high-value clients on creative commissions and art licensing deals. Creating different streams of revenue for your art. Revenue that doesn't require you earn from your art is one of the best decisions you can make.


Get high-value clients to pay you for your unique vision and style

12 Video lessons

You can’t wait for clients to discover you. You have to be the one to make first contact.

On top of selling your art online, you can also earn a significant amount of money by working on commercial projects. Photographers and illustrators thrive in this area.

There are high-value clients out there who want to pay you for your creative vision and style. “Getting discovered” is not measurable or predictable. It’s leaving your income to chance. You can’t run ANY business on the fumes of “getting discovered”.

You need to know how to find and introduce yourself to the right people. This way you aren’t relying on getting “discovered”. Waiting weeks, months, and years for a creative inquiry to land in your inbox.

By directly reaching out to the right VIPs and creative decision makers – with a hand crafted email – will generate the most commercial clients.

This is exactly what you'll learn inside this masterclass training:

  • Know exactly what your client will pay for and have an offer addressing their specific needs.
  • Never wait around to be discovered by clients again.
  • Follow a proven framework for generating new clients.
  • Finalize your leads and turn them into a paying a client before the project starts.
  • Exponentially grow your business by having your existing clients open their professional networks to you.



1 Video Lesson + Contract Template

Introducing the only contract template that helps you create passive income by licensing your images.

Protect your time, money, and ideas with this attorney approved contract.

Art licensing can create a stream of income that happens long after you do the work

Your images have a huge amount of selling power. In most cases, your work is the only reason your client’s projects are successful. The longer your clients are using your images, the longer they’re profiting from your work. Don’t you deserve to continue earning from the work you make too?

You can add additional income streams by including art licensing into your freelance commissions. Clearly stating how, where, and for how long someone can use your images. Even if they commissioned you to create it.

Not only can you get paid to make the work, you can get paid a recurring income by renting out the use of your copyright.

This is the only commission contract for visual creatives that has built in licensing terms. This way you can keep earning from commercial projects you worked on a long time ago. While also getting your paid on time and protect your copyrights.


Send emails that get opened, read, and responded to by creative VIPs

1 Video Lesson + 20 Email Scripts

Get the proven email scripts to help you connect with key decision makers in your target audience and art niche. Want to get interviewed on a blog? Need to enforce your contract during a commission? Want to get your story published by a magazine? You'll be referring to this ever expanding library of email scripts and frameworks for years to come.

2X, 5X, and 20X your art sales revenue with the art pricing guide.

THE $12,000+ 5-DAY EMAIL LAUNCH FUNNEL: Want the funnel that's already proven? This is the same sequence I use to passively sell a single art print in the background of my art business.

THE GET UNSTUCK GUIDE: Uncover exact ways to bypass any hurdles you're likely to experience. This guide offers solutions to the most popular hurdles artists faced as they set out to grow their audiences and sell their art online.

GOOGLE ADWORDS FOR ARTISTS: Generate a constant flow of traffic to your art website.

FINDING YOUR AUDIENCE ONLINE: Use these 3 free Google tools to figure out where your audience hangs out online.

GREENLIGHT BENCHMARKS: For open rates, conversion rates, and more.These will act as your roadmap, eliminating all guesswork and telling you exactly when your copy is good enough for you to move on..

CREATE PASSIVE INCOME: Build art licensing into your art business by partnering with brands ond companies.

NEVER FEEL LIKE YOU HAVE TO COMPETE WITH OTHER ARTISTS AGAIN. Go to markets where there are virtually no competition for your illustrations.

When you join the workshop, you receive a collection of videos and written lessons designed to help you grow as an artist while you expand your art business. These tips, tools and insights are helping artist just like you gain confidence and grow the creative business they've always wanted.

You'll go behind the scenes learn how to master the marketing part of running a successful creative business online.

The Workshop is complete library that take you step-by-step in learning how to sell your art online, grow your audience, and get high-value clients who are happy to pay you for your unique vision and style. And there's so much more…

You'll go behind the scenes with Chris as he shows you, step-by-step, how to master the marketing part of running a successful fine art and illustration business.

Most business for artists content goes only surface level. Watch as Chris dives into exact detail of how to grow your art business. Showing your exact email scripts, specific steps for growing your audience, expanding your art business into commissions and licensing, contract templates to protect your time, money, and ideas – plus more.

Get help every step of the way in the private Facebook community

It's valuable to be able to turn to someone and ask for personalized help.

The information in the workshop will guide you step-by-step, but it's natural to have questions as you build your business, so I built an unrivaled support community that will help you through every step of the way.

If you're ever stuck, ask your question and get instant answers from the community — usually within minutes. You can tap the experience, best strategies and mental frameworks of students who create and sell work in many different niches and styles.

  • Stuck on pricing?
  • Wondering how to make your website better?
  • Looking for ideas to grow your art newsletter?
  • Need an extra set of eyes to look at your portfolio?

You'll have access to students at all different levels — beginners who just started, intermediate students earning a few thousand dollars, and one-on-one feedback from Chris.

What would it mean to have 24/7 access to a group of supportive peers who have already launched successful creative businesses and want to help you?

Frequently asked questions

“What if I make a really “niche” or unique kind of art?
The workshop is designed to help you succeed no matter what kind of art you sell.  It doesn't matter how weird or unique your style is, you can earn from your art online. In fact the more unique your work is, the easier it'll be to find and grow your audience.

“What if I live in Europe, or India…?”
Yes, this will help you. Students span across 30+ countries and have found success all around the world. The online entrepreneurial techniques you’re learning are based off basic human psychology and are proven.

“What industry does this work for?”
Current readers include fine artists, illustrators, pattern makers, graphic designers, photographers, comic book artists, hand-letterers, textile makers, among other. The only requirement is that you have the desire to sell the things you make. As an artist your voice can translate to creating and selling any creative products, ranging from fine art originals, prints, posters, postcards, clothing, and other products with your work on or in them.

“When can I expect to make money?”
I can’t promise you specific results from your art business in a specific time frame. Nobody can. If someone EVER promises you this run away. Here’s why: We all begin at different levels of experience and skill. We all have different niches, audiences, and markets. It would make no sense to promise “general” results just to get you to trust me. Instead, I’m going to be honest with you and be truthful about the challenging nature of this guide If you’re methodical and follow the action steps, you'll see results. And looking back, 1-2 years from now, the amount of time you invested will show in the results you get.

Here’s what others have said about the workshop:

“I must say it is gold. Really jam packed with information. Appreciate all the time and effort put into this. Really glad I got it. It's something as an artist been trying to do just didnt really find the ‘how's'. Now its just matter of putting in the work.

Jose De Olio, Artist

What made Chris’ approach different from the rest, was it was making sense to me. I would ask Chris an occasional question and his answers always felt genuine. So I signed up for his workshop. I’m doing the work, slowly getting the people to sign up to my newsletter. Taking my time and getting organized. For the first time I feel like I’m on the right track.”

Shawn Wilken, Artist

Is this right for you?

I want to be clear: I'm not going to waste time with the theory or “finding your passion” fluff, or worry about trying to get into a gallery. Instead I'm going to hand you the proven tools that work today in the real world. Everything you need to double, or even triple the size of your business in the next 18 months. So please read the following carefully to make sure this program is right for you:


You don’t have a solid body of work yet. This is for artists who already have something to sell, whether it’s fine art originals, prints, books of your work, or any other type of art product with your images on them.

You expect to make fortune in the next month. Get-rich-quick schemers, please leave.

You're simply looking for templates. I’ve included many templates inside from my experiences, and I'm happy to share them. But this is not merely a series of templates and scripts. You’ll learn how to apply these systems for growing your audience and selling your work in your own original way. This can be challenging and takes work. Be prepared.


You make great art that you're confident about.

You aren't shy about putting your work out into the world — through your website, email, blog posts, sales pages, and social media. In a natural, storytelling way.

You're anxious about sharing your work with the world – your creative process, writing about your art, and blogging is exciting for you.

You're patient, deliberate, and methodical. You're committed to spending the time to learn how to grow your audience the right way, and you know this will not happen overnight. You know that if you put in a few hours a week and do the heavy lifting up front, you can enjoy the rewards for years to come.

The workshop isn't for everyone. It can be challenging. People looking to passively absorb information won’t benefit nearly as much from it. But those who actually follow the steps and instructions get incredible results.

Take a look at what students have done:

“I followed your advice on starting a mailing list and it is really paying off. Just had a mini-comic printed and already had 46 orders in the last three days, many through my mailing list, and a web-zine maintainer asked if he can interview me. So :-)

Ayal Pinkus, Artist

“I really enjoyed the class and am really happy you've gotten such great feedback and response to it because I thought it was great! I feel my level of confidence contacting and approaching potential clients has skyrocketed! It's always been a struggle for me to put myself out there.
I'm glad I found your site and subsequently your workshop! Thank you for being so generous to offer your free advice/content on your website because I probably would have never found you if not!” 

Kat Uno, Artist + Illustrator

“During my first art launch I offered all original paintings. I sold a dozen paintings and ended up with about $2500 and probably could have sold more.”

Charlene Marsh, Artist

“For the last 2 1/2 years I have been working on trying to become a full time artist. Last year I quit my day job and ventured out on my own to see if I could actually make it happen. Your workshop and emails have given me the confidence that I could actually do this.

I am continually impressed by the genius of  your advice and guidance. It is the most concise and relevant information I have found and I am so grateful I discovered your website.

I was getting ready to give up and go back to a corporate job and then you laid it out so brilliantly how to sell my artwork online and make a living with my creative skills. I am inspired to continue with a new perspective. I went from selling work once a month to once a week, in a couple of months. I am also now teaching Photoshop and and selling photography services.

I realized that a different strategy with social media and marketing would work well with the idea of supplementing my print sales with contract work. I shifted my perspective from just trying to sell art prints to using my other creative skills in combination with online sales.” 

Omaste Witkowski, Artist

“I have to say, this workshop has kinda changed my life. Before it, art was something I did, but never bothered to sell (thinking ‘what’s the point, I won’t make any money’). Now, because you’ve altered my mindset about profiting from art – I have sold several works even before starting to launch. 

I also have stories going in the UK national press about my work in the next few weeks. Seriously, it would never have happened without you. Thanks for making my life nicer!”

Boo Patterson, Artist

“Wow. I've been an artist for many years, mostly paintings but also some drawings. I've had some gallery showings etc and have always worked like a dog to get the word out.  Most of my sales have been through word of mouth and from people seeing my work in someone's living room.  I've never had any defined strategy for my business but have been feeling like I needed one yesterday…

Everything I've read advises me to get onto social media (I'm only on LinkedIn and don't do much with it) and I've been researching this for a many months now. Then I read about your approach. Wow.

I have to say thanks for putting it out there and good of you for not charging the moon – well worth the few hundred dollars – which is less than one painting sale.”

Michael Christidis, Artist

If you could write just one or two great blog posts — or a single email art newsletter that pulls collectors in and moves them to buy — it could change your art business forever.

Now imagine you could “scale” that across your art business. To your blog posts, your emails, your website, your art newsletter. All of your marketing.

The blog posts, photos of your work, and creative behind-the-scenes you share is truly the “tip of the spear” — it's the first thing anybody sees about your art business.

Get it right, and you’re instantly playing a different (and more profitable) game than everyone else out there. Get it wrong… and you'll be running around in circles trying to get “famous” on social media.

Let other people focus on social media tactics and post links to buy their work all over the internet. Growing an email art newsletter goes much deeper. It allows you to amplify what you already magnetically draw people in, closer and closer. It builds a deep and lasting relationship with your customers. No one can ever take that away from you.

Getting dream clients doesn't have to be a game of “getting discovered” or paying for ads.

This workshop will show you how.

Are you ready?

The Workshop


  • Access the core trainings showing you how to grow your audience and sell your art online using proven launch strategies and scripts.
  • Access the workshop community in the private Facebook group.


The Workshop Masterclass


  • Access the core trainings showing you how to grow your audience and sell your art online using proven launch strategies and scripts.
  • Access the workshop community in the private Facebook group.
  • Access the complete course on how to get commercial clients and commissions.
  • Proven email scripts to get your emails read, opened, and responded to by creative VIPs and decision makers.
  • The attorney approved contract template and training on adding licensing into your commercial projects.


This is the first entrepreneurship training resource for artists that includes every strategy, technique, and tool to start earning from your art online.

You don't need to be an expert in anything technical or be a master of online marketing. I show you how to do everything — and in many cases, lay it out step-by-step.

This also means I have a real focus on results. I'm not interested in “fluffy” inspiration. I want you to find success. That means every single strategy and tactic I will teach you works, because I've tested it (and tested it and tested it) in my own art business.

Let’s finally connect the dots between your art and making money. Without jeopardizing your unique vision and style. Learning the actionable business knowledge you need to succeed as an artist. Get the skills and confidence you need to build your brand and market your work.