Mastering Art Launches


You spent hundreds of hours making your art. Don't mess up the launch.

Launches for great art often flop, all because the artists put all their energy into the art and none into planning the launch.

Your effort put into drawing and painting a great collection of art is wasted if you don't nail the launch.

A large audience isn't enough

Even artists with thousands of followers on social media can't sell art without the right techniques.

When I had an email list of 3,000 subscribers I thought it would be easy to sell out a small stack of  limited edition prints I had collecting dust in my studio — so I sent one email to launch the prints.

It failed.

I didn't sell a single print.

The problem was that I sprang the print on my audience before I built up familiarity. I never shared the process or creative behind-the-scenes of making the drawing.

That same mistake is made all the time by artists who are puzzled why their hundreds or thousands of followers don't drive meaningful sales.

In fact, sometimes small is better

Without an existing audience you have to work harder to get people to aware of your work.

That means you will have to share your creative process on a regular basis. Which can easily be done on your email newsletter. 

Through this course you'll learn how to build an audience completely from scratch.

Even better, it will be an audience of collectors who are ready to spend money.

Especially if you use the right tools

Everyone is telling you to use social media, but the most successful artists know that email generates for sales.

Only 3-5% of your followers on Instagram and Facebook ever see your new content.

With email, expect 50-60% of your subscribers to regularly see your new new content. 

If doubling art sales, tripling revenue, and actually profiting from the hard work you put into your art is interesting to you, join my FREE 5-day email course on mastering art launches.