You spent hundreds of hours making your art. Don't mess up the launch.

Sales for remarkable artworks often flop because artists invest all their energy into social media – but neglect the launch plan.

The time and passion you pour into creating your work can go unrecognized if you don't get the launch right.

Audience size isn't everything

Even artists with thousands of website visitors can struggle to sell their art without proper launch. Once, I had 10,000 visitors to my art website in one month but didn't sell a single piece.

I thought having a that many visitors would naturally lead to sales, so I simply showcased the available prints and originals on my website in a normal store format. This build it and they will come approach doesn't work. Without building up familiarity or interest first, art sales won't happen.

This is a common error among artists who are often left wondering why visitors to their website and social media followers don't translate into actual art sales.

Email over social media

While social media is often the go-to tool for exposure, email is a far more effective medium for making art sales online. Statistics from platforms like Gumroad show that email conversions are nearly double those of social media.

If you're interested in not just doubling your conversion rates but also significantly boosting your revenue and profiting from your hard work, join my course. It's a seven-day journey into mastering the art of online launch strategies, focused on turning your artistic passion into profitable sales.