Why you should consider launching your art

In my past articles we talked about getting traffic to your art website and the – how to convert that traffic to art newsletter.

Today I wanted to follow up on the third part of this process. Thing #3: Launching strategy, here’s how it fits into the overall picture:

  1. Thing #1: Traffic (people visiting your art website)
  2. Thing #2: Conversions (visitors to your art website signing up for your email list)
  3. Thing #3: Launching strategy (a natural, storytelling way to generate art sales)

By now you should understand:

  • The importance of getting traffic to our website.
  • The importance of getting our art website visitors to signup to our email list.

The next step is to start making art sales using a launching strategy.

Which launching strategy you use depends on where you’re at in your art business.

What is a launching strategy?

A launching strategy is a way to use story build up to the moment you invite your email list subscribers to collect what you’re making. From limited edition prints, original art, or an art book, etc…

Launching your art is the opposite of the traditional way most artists try to sell their art online, which is to:

  1. Post a link on social media that they have something new to collect.
  2. Send out an email blast announcing they have something to sell.
  3. No one buys
  4. They get frustrated and think it’s impossible to sell their art online.

This method of “announcing” your art for sale doesn’t work. You have to take your time and get your audience familiar with what you’re going to offer before you make the offer. Which is exactly what launching accomplishes.

Launching is what Hollywood does to put butts in seats the weekend a movie is released. Ever notice how a movie will release sneak peek trailers every month up to a year before a movie is released? Then the closer you get to launch weekend you start to hear more and more about the movie with actor interviews and behind-the-scenes?

They’ve turned the release of their movie into a launch. Selling your art is not different – it’s just more simple.

Just the act of sharing your creative process and behind-the-scenes with your email list, you’re building up to a launch.

Even artists with THOUSANDS of fans can’t sell their art without the right launch plan

Don’t fall into the trap of “announcing” your art. Which is what most artists do.

I learned this the hard way…

A while back, when my email list was around 1,500+ subscribers I thought it would be easy to sell a handful of art prints of drawings I had collecting dust in my studio.

So one night before I went to bed, I sent out a quick email to my list announcing they were for sale. I went to bed that night expecting to wake up to a bunch of orders the next morning.

The results? I didn’t sell a single print.

Nothing sold because I sprang the print on my audience before I built up interest. I just announced it.

I didn’t get anyone excited, tell the backstory about the print, show the sketches, or create a sense of urgency to buy it.

I didn’t have a CONVERSATION with my email list about the print before I made it available for purchase.

I just announced it. Which wasn’t a great experience for my audience.

This same mistake is made all the time by artists who are puzzled why their THOUSANDS of fans don’t drive meaningful sales.

If you don’t deliver any story to “build-up” prior to inviting people to collect your work, no one will by your art.

Taking your time to share your creative process and behind-the-scenes is ESSENTIAL to making art sales online.

When you take you time, your audience will never feel like they’re being “sold” to or spammed. They’re simply following along on your creative journey through thoughtful letters you send.

To make art sales you have to have a launch plan

The type of launch you do depends on what stage your at in your art business.

Over the past 10+ years I’ve developed a collection of different launch frameworks, here’s the main ones:

THE WELCOME LAUNCH: Turn a new email list subscriber into a collector in 12 days.
A simple 12-part email framework to onboard new email list subscribers into your creative world and guide them into collecting their first product from you. This is a great way to introduce yourself and offer a low-tier offering to quickly turn a fan into a collector.

TIP: Most of your art sales for prints or originals $500 USD are going to be from 6% of the people who have already purchased a lower priced offering (under $100). People who just signed up to your email list are highly engaged in what you do. Which is a great time to build up to your first automated launch.

THE 5-DAY LAUNCH: Sell art to your existing subscribers in simple, storytelling way in 5 days
Let’s say you’ve been sending out your art newsletter once a week for a few months and you’re ready to invite your audience to collect your print. If you have at least 100 email list subscribers, a simple 5-day sequence is the most effective way to generate sales.

THE ART GIVEAWAY LAUNCH: Create a viral loop of audience growth and sales
If you have ZERO people on your email list – the art giveaway launch is perfect for you. It’s where you create a viral-like contest where everyone who enters grows your audience for you. One of the only types of launches to help you.

THE EVERGREEN LAUNCH: Automate your art sales
Make art sales even when you’re out and away from your computer. The Evergreen Launch is where you use automated email sequences to help you sell your art 24/7. Even when I’m traveling and away from internet connection for days and weeks at a time – my evergreen sales funnels are quietly working in the background selling my art.

THE PARTNER LAUNCH: Double your audience size and make art sales
Want to team up with another artist, brand, or organization to dramatically grow your email list AND make art sales. The partner launch does just this. I include the email frameworks and structure of how to create your own lucrative partnerships.

Launch from nothing

Even if you have ZERO email subscriber, launches change that. Just the act of sharing what you’re working and giving a way for people to follow along, you’ll grow your email list subscriber.

Art launches give structure to the way you document your creative process, grow your audience, and invite people to take part in your work by collecting it.

Launches are newsworthy events around you and your art. Where influencers and blogs related to your art will be happy to share your achievements with their massive audiences.