Here are a few courses I’ve made for you:

Drawing Basics
An absolute beginner’s guide to learning how to draw. Learn how to draw anything you see with these fundamental lessons on not just drawing, but also seeing.

Supercharge Your Sketchbook
Grow a daily drawing habit. Get 20 actionable drawing prompts to help you fill your sketchbooks with interesting ideas. Each drawing prompt is delivered to you in a video demonstration.

Art Supply Adventure
Learn how to use all sorts of media in expressive, new ways. Get step by step instructions on how to use everything from markers and pens, to watercolors and paint. You’ll also learn how to create interesting textures and backgrounds on your paper before you even begin drawing. Through real-time video demonstrations you’ll generate new ideas for your drawings.

Art Launch Blueprint
Learn how to sell your art online in a natural, storytelling way.

Illustration Essentials
The freelance illustrator’s guide to getting more clients. I created this course because I saw too many illustrators focusing on social media to get new clients. Getting discovered isn’t a measurable or meaningful metric to grow your business with. Instead, this course shows you how to directly contact your future illustration clients with simple introductory emails.