Create passive income from your art

  • Increase your revenue with proven methods to license your art.
  • Make money upfront and generate income for your art business.
  • Download a proven art licensing contract template to protect your time, money, and ideas.

Now more than ever, companies and brands are licensing art. For use in advertisements, publications, and countless other types of products.

Licensing your art is one of the most profitable ways to earn from your art. Yet, it’s a source of income most artists completely ignore.

Start licensing your art now

Right now, you don’t know where to begin with art licensing.

  • Where do I find companies who license art?
  • Is my art even right for art licensing?
  • What should go into my art licensing contract?
  • How do I actually get paid automatically?

You make great art, and you know your work is just as good as what you see being licensed out there. But you feel stuck at the first thought of licensing your art.

This is where most artists art. Feeling at a loss in the beginning without knowing what the next steps are.

You have two paths to pick from:

  1. Try random tactics (this involves wasted time and expensive experiments, aimlessly paying for ads, wasting money on conventions, and hoping to get discovered).
  2. Learn from someone who’s done it successfully (I recommend the second approach).

Over 10 years ago I picked the first option. I didn’t have someone to ask questions, and online courses weren’t really being offered.

I had to try everything to see what did and didn’t work — it really cost me a lot of time and money in the end.

The mistakes I made caused a lot of problems (maybe you recognize some of them):

  • Working with bad clients.
    The art licensing clients I partnered with left me hanging financially. They made the rules and demanded a lot of image preparation from me without getting paid.
  • Undervaluing my work.
    In the beginning, I barely made a profit from my licenses. I didn’t know how to price on value. Later on, I found out the companies using my work were profiting massively because of my images and I wasn’t getting any of it. I didn’t have a contract to protect my time, money, and ideas.
  • Not getting paid at all.
    Also, in the beginning, I wouldn’t get paid at all. Licensing my art in the hopes of it doing well. When it came time for a quarterly check, nothing showed up. Next quarter, the same thing. I was waiting and wishing for licensing clients to do the right thing. I actually started hating my art business.
  • My time was wasted.
    Even when I started licensing my art correctly. I was leaving a lot of money on the table. Preparing files and images for clients for free. Often spending more time on making print templates and minor changes than I spent on the original art.

If you’re just beginning your art licensing adventure, you probably haven’t experienced any of these problems yet. This means I can help you see red flags before they happen to you.

I made all of these mistakes simply because I was never taught about these issues in the first place.

It took me years to know how to license my art and get paid on my terms.

I wasted years not getting paid what I deserved in my art licensing deals.

And yes, it was probably against the law for clients not to pay me. But without a solid process for establishing your copyright and contract, the law can’t do anything to help you.

There’s only one person who can help protect your ideas and make sure you get paid – you!

Follow a proven process for finding and working with your dream art licensing clients

I can’t tell you how much I would have paid to look over the shoulder of someone who had successfully licensed their art just to see how they did it.

  • How do they actually find an art licensing client?
  • How do they know how much to charge and for what?
  • How did they copyright their art?
  • How did they deliver the art and in what formats?
  • How do they keep the same licensing clients for years and years?

It would prevent a lot of lost money and wasted time.

I couldn’t avoid the nightmare situations. I kept experiencing the same problems over and over. I was doomed to repeat my failures.

That’s enough to discourage anyone from working in art licensing for good.

It’s no wonder you might be scared, confused, or worried about art licensing.

They don’t teach you how to license your art in school.

If they do, it’s none of the practical stuff you actually need to survive.

You need to understand things like:

  • Your client outreach process.
  • An understanding of art licensing terms.
  • How to present your art licensing portfolio profitably.
  • How to negotiate with art licensing clients.
  • How to price your art for licensing
  • Exactly what should be in your art licensing contract?

Speaking of contract terms…

Download a proven art licensing contract template

Inside the Licensing Liftoff course, I give you the actual art licensing contract template I use.

Get instant access to the actual art licensing contract template along with a video tutorial walking you through each step of how to customize and use the contract template.

I take you through each part of the contract and describe the terms in plain English. This way you can easily understand your own contract. Essential so you can also negotiate and explain your contract with your clients if needed.

I started licensing my work a long time ago. Definitely, I made a lot of mistakes. Causing me to waste time and miss out on money. After each mistake, I changed my process so I wouldn’t make it again. Patching holes and improving every part of my art licensing process.

Go through Licensing Liftoff so you never make a costly mistake once.

Let’s demystify the art licensing process and help you discover what you have to offer.

Inside Licensing Liftoff, you’ll learn:

  • What Art Licensing is and how it works in the market
  • How to build a profitable portfolio
  • Which markets and industries are right for you
  • Protect your time, money, and ideas with a proven Licensing Contract template
  • Steps to take to connect with art directors and creative decision-makers.
  • How to describe your art (and how it helps you find buyers)
  • The best ways for finding companies and a contacts email address
  • How to decide if your art is a good fit for a company

Course content

  1. Introduction to Art Licensing
    Understand the world of art licensing and how it can work for you.
  2. Your art licensing roadmap
    Know which steps are essentials for getting your first art licensing clients.
  3. Establishing your foundation
    Learn how to clarify and set standards for who you’ll work with.
  4. Showcasing your work and establishing your copyrights
    Discover how to present your work in a profitable way.
  5. Reaching out to potential leads
    Three easy ways to research, find, and quickly break the ice while introducing yourself to your future art licensing clients with direct outreach. Learn how to find the emails of and connect with art directors and creative decision-makers.
  6. Converting leads into licensees
    Learn how to propel a new relationship to an art licensing deal in a matter of a few emails.
  7. Your art licensing contract
    Protect your time, money, and ideas when you license your art. Know how to negotiate and how much to charge companies to license your art. Establish a payment schedule based on your terms. Understand terms such as Exclusive vs. Non-Exclusive rights. Plus breaking down royalties and advances.
    Get a Licensing Contract proven on over 250+ licensing projects.
  8. Getting art licensing referrals
    Learn how to have your existing clients open their professional networks to you and secure future revenue.

Ready to start licensing your art?

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Start earning income from work you’ve already created, in multiple markets, globally.

Inside Licensing Liftoff, I’ll take you through the essential steps for getting your work licensed and further diversify your art business.

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