The art of a simple lion drawing

Recently I was addicted to watching a show about Sushi Chefs.

Each episode is about a different sushi chef, showcasing their individual style in how they prepare sushi. I know, you thought there was only one way to make sushi – cold round, and fishy. It’s amazing to watch how each chef integrates their backstory, personality, location, and life experiences to create a truly different presentation for making sushi.

The same is true for drawing.

We all interpret the world around us in different ways. Observing life and translating what we see onto paper with marks. Also known as our drawing style.

The way you capture light, shadow, and form based on the world around you is a personal experience. Not just some technical feat of hand-eye coordination. The way you translate the world around you digs deep into who you are – it’s your signature.

This is one of the many drawing ideas that makes drawing more personal and revealing than any other form of art. It’s the most direct way to capture your mind onto paper.

Your drawings don’t have to look like they’re coming from a Xerox machine. You don’t have to replicate everything you see realistically. It’s okay to breathe your personality into your drawings, even while you’re properly capturing light, shadows, and form into your drawings.

The masters and a simple lion drawing

The two lion drawings above are by Delecroix

The lion drawing above is by Da Vinci

The lion drawing above is by Rembrandt

The lion drawing above is by Wilhelm Lorenz

These are great drawings because they’re loose and natural – while taking showcasing each artist’s natural way of making marks.

You can almost see what they were thinking as they were making each drawing.

Each drawing is confident and natural.