Macaw Multiple Imaging

I’m working on a video lesson in my online drawing workshop, Drawing Beyond, about multiple imaging.

Multiple imaging is just that – where you draw multiple images on top of each other. With the aim of creating an interesting, layered drawing on your page.

I learned this technique from my teacher, Debra Babylon, when I was studying with her at Cuyamaca Community College in San Diego. This multiple imaging technique really helped me shape my portfolio to get into the Character Animation program at CalArts later on.

Even though I was developing a portfolio to get into a character animation program, the requirements are life drawing heavy. They want to see that you know how to draw the human form before they let you in the program.

So instead of just putting a solitary figure study in the middle of the page, I used multiple imaging to create a more interesting way to present this skill to the portfolio reviewers. As I’m sure the portfolio reviewers where seeing hundreds of portfolios, I wanted mine to stand out.

Here’s two multiple imaging examples from my CalArts Character Animation portfolio:



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