Midnight Flight

Ever since I was a kid I would sit and draw animals for hours.

I’ve spend my entire life drawing.

No matter how many years go by, animals are still the core subject of my work. Even in my travels, seeing wildlife is a must. Doing whatever it takes to see animals in the wild. Animals you can’t see anywhere else.

On a recent trip to Costa Rica, I heard someone mention a bridge you could stop at which overlooked dozens of saltwater crocodiles. I jumped at the opportunity and drove south to see crocs in the wild. But it wasn’t as simple as casually walking on a bridge.

Once you park your car, you walk on a narrow pathway along speedy highway traffic. The only thing between you and a 20 foot drop into saltwater crocodile infested waters was a two and a half foot barrier.

On top of trying to not get hit by a car and fall off the bridge, you also have to keep an eye on your car. (Cars of the distracted crocodile spectators often get broken into.)


On a later trip to Sayulita, Mexico. We went to a “secret” surf spot where you had to hike through a small jungle to get to the beach.

Half way in we saw a sign warning of crocodiles.


Intrigued by the unknown aspects of the rainforest and what’s living deep in the trees.

But it was worth hike:


Regardless of any risks and the lure of adventure. It’s these little moments that drive my art.

What lies around the corner?

What creatures live here?

Even the stories and myths you hear about a place. Those are the moments and experiences I think about when I’m drawing and painting.

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