Natural ways to sell your art online

The driving theme I kept in mind while I made the Art Launch Blueprint course was keeping your art marketing chill.

Meaning, I wanted to show you how to make art sales in a natural, storytelling way.

Where you don’t have to shift modes mentally when you are working on the business side of your art.

The time you dedicate to the business side of your art shouldn’t feel like work. All your marketing efforts online should feel like you’re talking to a friend. Which is made possible by having an art newsletter you nurture.

Here are the 4 underlying concepts you should keep in mind as you’re running your art business:

01: You have the “permission” to create a “boutique” personal brand for your art.
Often when you hear about marketing your art online you immediately think it’s tainted in tackiness and brashness. Running your art business doesn’t have to feel this way.

Rather, think of your art business as “artisanal” and “boutique”, the whole idea of self-promotion and marketing doesn’t have to be tacky or spammy. You can turn your online art business into something that grows naturally while being authentic at the same time.

Authenticity and effectiveness are not mutually exclusive.

02: Speaking to your audience with genuine care and respect.
In the online world, there is a lot of sleazy advice with a disrespectful tone. The whole vibe is just not something I resonate with. When I started marketing my art online, I was turned off by all the “spammy” marketing tactics being used online.

My guiding intention in all my communication is to write and speak as an intelligent and genuine person, to intelligent and genuine people.

The more dialed-in I got with the people who signed up for my art newsletter, the more emails began flooding my inbox, and the more people started to inquire about my work.

03: The peace of mind that comes from creating an art launch funnel that works.
I’ve crafted a multitude of email art launches and sales funnels.

Experimenting with different email lengths, email sequences, and send times.

Understanding the variety of approaches you can take when you start using email art launches to sell your art – allows you to authentically share your story and creative behind-the-scenes. (Which is what makes online art sales possible.)

Using your email art newsletter as the main vehicle to sell you are online is what makes everything manageable and scalable. So as you create new work you simply add-on to your existing email story funnel with your creative behind-the-scenes and works in progress.

04: Having a systematic mindset and solid strategic thinking
This is HUGE. One of the main reasons artists feel stuck is because they don’t have a way to integrate a strategic mindset and a step-by-step system for growing their audience and selling their art online.

My goal has always been to create a course that cuts through all the time-consuming “marketing fluff”. Showing you the most direct path to growing your audience and getting art sales online.

Once artists go through the Art Launch Blueprint course and started growing their email lists of fans, something great started happening to them.

They started to hear consistent, heartfelt thank-you’s from people who signed up. Letting them know how their art was making an impact in a genuine, connected way. ALL from just sharing the creative behind-the-scenes of their art process via email.

Sharing your story and tastefully inviting your fans to collect your art will be the foundation of your art business.

Bottom line, it’s about being genuine and actually caring about the people subscribed to your email list.

Learn the art of a successful art launch

No matter how weird or “niche” you think your art is, you can start selling your art online. Find inspiration and get started with this free email training.

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