Octopus Sketch

Probably one of the most interesting and smartest creatures on our planet is the octopus.

I’m experimenting with trying to get a natural and messy aesthetic with digital drawing.

Drawing this octopus illustration in Photoshop was a bit of a challenge at first, but I quickly got the hang of it. I had to tell myself to not use too many different digital brushes and just stick to one per drawing. At the end of the drawing I’ll allow myself to add some textures to create a bit of energy in the drawing.

Drawing digitally is just another medium. For the longest time I frowned upon it. Thinking it was a cheat or not a real way of drawing.

Quickly, I found out how drawing digitally was going to be a valuable asset when working on client projects. I can draw at any size and make simple revisions.

While digital drawing won’t ever replace my sketchbook, it is a medium I’ll be going back to again and again.

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