Embracing restraints to inspire more creativity

Can embracing restraints inspire creative thinking?

A lack of restraints can allow room or time for perfectionism to sneak in. But sometimes 95% perfect is okay. Sometimes chasing that last 5% of perfectionism could eat up 90% of your time. Time better spent breaking the ice with new, fresh projects.

Maybe perfectionism is a side effect of not having any limitations. You see, endlessly pouring your creativity into a bottomless jar can be a bit nerve wracking. Creating a sense of constantly working on something but feeling like you’re not making progress.

It helps to give yourself limitations of time and set some boundaries on what you’re currently working on. This way you aren’t bogged down by having too much freedom on a project.

I’ve been making small travel films recently. Telling myself, I’m only going to use the footage from today to make a small film. Then giving myself further limitations when I sit down to edit.

For example, I recently visited Topanga Canyon in Los Angeles and shot some footage during a mountain hike. I just got a new gimbal and wanted to experiment with it. In the back of my mind I had wanted to have a 3 minute final film, but at the end of the hike I realized I didn’t have enough footage to accomplish this in a meaningful way.

I could have easily let this footage sit on my hard drive for a few months until I got the “perfect” amount of footage. But instead, I gave myself the limitation of making a 30 second film with what I had.

When you have less to work with, you actually begin to see things differently.

Constraints focus your mental energy to acting more resourcefully. Figuring out new ways to be better.

A constraint shouldn’t limit your efforts , it should give your mind fuel to push more boundaries.

Embrace your constraints. They’ll ignite your creativity, challenge you, and wake you up. Ultimately, making you more creative.

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