My journey as a wildlife artist has always been about more than just drawing flora and fauna in my sketchbook. Africa, with its majestic landscapes and rich biodiversity, has been a significant source of inspiration for me.

My experiences on African safaris have been transformative. Each safari is an immersive adventure something you can only understand by seeing it in person. From the Great Migration to seeing powerful lions lounging, Africa brings me closer to the what it feels like to live in a BBC documentary. These encounters fuel my creativity and help me fill my sketchbooks.

But there's a bigger picture to my travels and art. Through my website, I aim to share not just the thrill of seeing wildlife up close but the importance of preserving these moments for future generations. Safaris in Africa have shown me the delicate balance of ecosystems and the critical role of conservation efforts.

In writing about my safari experiences, I want to guide others on how to experience Africa for themselves. It's about choosing eco-friendly tours, respecting wildlife and local cultures, and understanding how and when to visit Africa.