Sagebrush Board Bags

Every so often I go to a coffee shop who roasts their own coffee. Near the room where all the roasting action takes place, I've always noticed a stack of empty burlap coffee bags the green beans get delivered in.

I've always liked to look of them and thought they would make for an interesting project. Then I came across a small company who was making use of these empty coffee bags in a creative and adventurous way.

Sagebrush Board Bags are built for adventures, surf trips and daily beach goings. Putting an end to delam bubbles, chinese wax jobs and transit-provoked dings.

As an entirely environmentally conscious brand. Everything is handmade with the Earth as the highest priority. The coffee bean sacks are from an organic, fair trade coffee roaster, and the outer fabric is remnant or vintage, ensuring limited runs of each style.

Sagebrush Board Bags are eye-catching in comparison to the solid-color board sock. They're sturdy enough to keep up with the adventures and recklessness that often go hand-in-hand with a surf trip.

Designed and sewn in sunny Southern California, check out all the bags they have to offer.

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