She Hit Pause

For over 10 years I've been following the Polaroid art of Matt Schwartz.

Growing up in San Diego, I've always felt the lure of the beach and everything that is synonymous with it. Surfing, girls, swimming, adventure, art, and nature. Matt captures all of these things through a whimsical and dreamy lens of his Polaroid cameras.

What gives Matt's work his signature look is the creative way he transfers each photo onto paper. Giving each image a watercolor look and feel.

Schwartz creates his signature style of visual poems with Polaroids, Transfers and Film. His work consists of surf culture, women, and travel.

While each body of work is exclusively his own vision, Schwartz has collaborated with global brands including  Levis, The Ace Hotel, Sixty Hotels, Anthropologie, Billabong, Bloomingdales and Wanderlust Festivals.

His work has been featured in W Magazine, NYLON, Details, Design Sponge, Apartment Therapy, Design Milk, among others.

The current collection of photos on his website were shot in New York, California, Peru, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Portugal, Brazil, The Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.


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