Side Hustle School talks about the teaching branch of my art business

I started getting illustration and animation clients 10+ years ago when I was still a Character Animation student at the Disney founded college, CalArts.

I supported myself, paid for college, and continue to work with those same brands today.

As soon as I graduated college I expanded my business into selling my original art and prints online. This is where I got much of the real-world experience that went into all of the entrepreneurial insights I share with artists on my mailing list. 

A few years ago, I started getting an overwhelming amount of questions from artists.

Questions about selling art online, getting creative clients, and growing an audience. It made sense from a business and personal sanity perspective to create something I could point people toward in the future. So I created a few guides and courses on entrepreneurship for artists.

When Chris Guillebeau asked if he could record an episode of Side Hustle School about how I’ve added a teaching branch to my art business. I said “Hell yes!”.

Click here to go and listen to the quick 8 minute episode 

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