Sketchbook Saturday

Welcome to Sketchbook Saturday, your new weekly companion for drawing inspiration.

Each Saturday, I'll drop into your inbox with free, practical drawing prompts and strategies designed to boost your confidence and skill. Actionable insights that you can apply right away and start filling your sketchbooks.

What You'll Get

  • Weekly Drawing Prompts: Kickstart your creativity with unique and engaging challenges.
  • Expert Tips: Learn techniques that help you draw in a loose, expressive style—perfect for anyone looking to inject a bit of freedom and spontaneity into their art.
  • Fun, Observational Drawing: Embrace gestural marks and thought lines; what some might call mistakes, I call being expressive.

Whether you’re sketching in a pocket-sized Moleskine or a sketchbook you can barely carry down the street, every sketchbook is an adventure. I’ve used mine for everything from storyboard sketches to teaching art and creating gallery-worthy works on paper. Now, I invite you to do the same:

Sketchbook Saturday will help you transform your artistic practice one sketch at a time.