Sketching anything daily

When I’m not traveling, I’m usually stuck inside working at home. To get out I use coffee breaks as a way to break up the day.

I recently heard about Liz Steel drawing her cup of tea everyday as a sketching exercise. So I though I would try it out to fill-up some empty sketchbook pages.

Overall, I need to be better about drawing random things I observe throughout the day. For the past few months I’ve primarily switched my focus to drawing a lot of things from nature. In doing so I’m making sure to curate what I share to strictly be related to this topic.

Curating the topic of my drawings has helped me get clients. But now I’m feeling like expanding out. Embracing “sketching” as my overall focus I want to communicate with my potential collectors, clients, and students.

I had fun drawing this coffee as freely as possible. I’ve never been one to draw perfectly or photo-realistically. Embracing the realization that I’ll never have the patience to draw or paint perfect work has helped me get a style people seem to keep coming to me for.

Daily sketching of anything a valuable habit to keep you loose in your drawings and exploring different subject matters in your work.

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