Sketching Costa Rica: Surfing crocodiles and lazy iguanas

Costa Rica is synonymous with surfing and nature.

My girlfriend and I decided to go to Costa Rica to hang out with some nature, waves, beaches, monkeys, and crocodiles.

The crocs from the photos below live in Tarcoles under a bridge.

During our trip we rented a 4X4 to drive down the entire west cost of Costa Rica. We stopped at the Tarcoles bridge to say hi.

They’re enormous.

This trip was the first time I saw a rainforest in person. I was so happy to be able to check this off my bucket list.

In Manuel Antonia we hiked through rainforests and spent some time at a beach inside of the rainforest nature preserve.

Which is where we met the iguana in the photos below.

Growing up as a kid, I always had elaborately illustrated posters of rainforests hanging on my bedroom wall. Seeing the Costa Rican rainforest has now motivated me to made me want to see the Amazon rainforest in person.

One day soon enough!

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