Sketching Mexico: Ancient civilizations and pure silver

I thrive on seeing new places and drawing what I see along the way.

Mexico is full of great sights, myths, and stories. I’ve been to Mexico many times before. This was the first time I went to central Mexico.

I joined a group of friends who decided to head to Mexico City for a new years celebration. Apart from Mexico City, we adventured to the silver mining town of Taxco and Frida’s home in Coyoacan.

coyoacan-mexico-chris-wilson-01 coyoacan-mexico-chris-wilson-02 taxco-mexico-chris-wilson-01 taxco-mexico-chris-wilson-02 taxco-mexico-chris-wilson-03 taxco-mexico-chris-wilson-04 taxco-mexico-chris-wilson-05 taxco-mexico-chris-wilson-06

Chris Wilson

Hi I'm Chris Wilson. I'm an artist, illustrator, and teacher who translates my passion for travel into drawings. Right now – my nose is probably in a sketchbook.

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