Sketching Mexico: Inspiring streets of Sayulita and San Pancho

Every city I visit on my travels, I make a point of keeping mental notes of where all the street art is. Murals, characters, colorful graffiti – it doesn't matter. On my last day in a place, I'll get up early and revisit each work of art to snap a photo of it. On my recent trip to Sayulita and San Pancho Mexico it was no different.

What stood out the most is how much of the surrounding area inspired each work of art. How the artists pulled from the nature-centric vibe of these towns and put it into their art.

San Pancho is a small Mexican village hidden in the jungle on the Pacific coast. With only 1,600 residents this is a quieter alternative to the neighboring Sayulita. Which is home to 6,000 residents.

Along the cobblestone streets I found these few works of street art.





Street art in Sayulita

Sayulita is becoming more and more popularized as a key surfing destination in Mexico. In the late 1960s adventurous surfers started traveling there.

Today, Sayulita is a growing village hailed as a key “off-the-beaten-path” travel destination.

Here are some of the nature inspired works of street art I found there:




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