Starting a video habit

I’m finishing up the final videos of my first drawing course, Drawing Beyond.

But making videos consistently has been somewhat of a hurdle for me.

I got into the groove of it a few months ago, but never made them consistently.

People have a preferred way of consuming content online. Some prefer reading while others prefer watching videos. My entire audience has been built on my writing. Focusing on video will allow me to share my work with a totally different group of people.

This speed drawing video of a raven is my favorite video so far:

I know making videos consistently would be a huge benefit to my business, but I keep overthinking the video making process.

When trying to start a new habit it helps to look at other habits you’ve accomplished in the past. Figuring out how they became a part of your day to day. Habits where you don’t even realize you’re doing them because they’re such a normal part of your everyday routine.

I’ve found it really comes down to is having all your tools and processes in place.

For sketching, I have my favorite sketchbooks and tools ready to go all the time.

For writing, my laptop is always within arms reach.

But for video making, it takes a little bit more effort.

Luckily, my fiance is a stop-motion animator and she just built an amazing down shooter with perfect lighting for her work.

Which I’m going to steal when she’s not using it.

Mixing all the habits together

I’ve nailed down the habit of sketching and writing everyday.

Sketching is a habit I’ve had since I can remember.

Writing is a habit that I started about 10 years.

Developing a writing habit to pair with my sketching habit has made it possible for me to make a living as an artist:

  • I couldn’t have started selling my art online if I didn’t start sharing my sketchbook drawings supported with writing about them on my blog.
  • Getting my first clients could not have been possible if I didn’t take the time to craft personal emails to people I knew would benefit from my illustrations.
  • Writing is the fuel behind the teaching branch of my art business as well.

Now it’s time to mix all the habits together. With a mix of having video gear ready to go, a bunch of writing I can repurpose into voice overs, and a sketch habit to film – the video making process should start to flow.

I’m using my upcoming drawing course as a way to break the ice with making speed drawing videos with a voice over.

The videos of Minnie Smalls have been a huge inspiration to me. As she has a perfect blend of teaching, sharing her process, attention holding editing, and most importantly – a habit of making videos consistently.

The prospect of making videos consistently is exciting.

Reaching new people and sharing the things I make in a more visual way is a lot of work, but it will pay off.

I hope to have more videos to share with you in the upcoming weeks.

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