Student Film: Volta

Old artwork matters.

This is a live action film I made in college.

A lot of artists like to hide their old work. I’m guilty of this – until recently. Recently, I’ve been going through old files and digging through stacks of drawings that have been stashed in weird places.

Old artwork definitely contributes to where you’re at now. Sometimes it takes going through the act of making 20 bad drawings to get a good one. Sometimes you have to work in a new medium to understand that you don’t like it.

In animation school, I wanted to make a live action film. It’s something I wanted under my belt before I left school. Taking advantage of the free tools I had access to before I was out in the real world. My goal wasn’t to work in the live action film world after graduation. A film was something I needed to check off on my bucket list. Finishing the film led to so much.

After launching the film I sent it out into the world. The short was shown in a few film festivals. I was invited to talk on a live panel. Used the film to get nominated for a Princess Grace Award. Got offered my first big commission at American Apparel.

Chris Wilson

Hi I'm Chris Wilson. I'm an artist, illustrator, and teacher who translates my passion for travel into drawings. Right now – my nose is probably in a sketchbook.

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