Sunflower Animation Concept Sketch

Getting my BFA in Character Animation from the Disney founded college, CalArts was intense. I spent more hours drawing during those four years than any other time in my life.

I loved it.

What makes 2D animation great is the concept phase leading up to the final animation. Where you draw storyboards and other concept art to figure out what your idea actually is. You have to heard your ideas somehow and these drawings are the best way to make them real for the first time.

It’s these early conceptual phases that are so interesting to see be realized. Even if you’re doing the drawing, you’re not sure what each drawing will turn out to be like.

While my idea for animating a sunflower morphing into something else is simple. I still like how this first sketch turned out.

Animation is very time consuming, and I only get to do a handful of these animation drawings every week.

Eventually, the day will come when I have enough drawings to scan them and sequence them in After Effects to see the animation come to life.

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